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  1. 2x01 I found the site during the break you guys take in between each season ^_^
  2. Pretend this was never here. I misread the post.
  3. Generally, you can do a port scan to figure out what services and OS the machine is running, and from that you can (usually) derive its purpose, but for actually being able to ID exactly which machine belongs to which IP/MAC, you don't know.
  4. It most definitely does xD The whole time you have a great wtfux feeling but it's quite entertaining, and the outro is very cute :3
  5. Click for full ^_^ And you know it's better than yours xD
  6. Much agreement with FLCL as one of the all time best. Here are some of my favorite animes: Lucky Star (my absolute all-time favorite; notice avatar&sig) Loveless (Includes shounen-ai and shoujo-ai, so if you don't like that, stay away) .hack//<insert series or movie here> The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Mix of FLCL and Lucky Star) Kanon 2006 Ouran High School And as far as anime movies go, almost anything by Miyazaki (creator of Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke) is amazing, especially Castle in the Sky and The Cat Returns.
  7. That's actually a great suggestion. Personally I bought a $40 pedal since I just didn't want to spend the time fixing mine, but it's a good option that's ~$25 cheaper.
  8. dr0p

    random favorites

    game of all time: Rock Band game series: Crash Bandicoot side scroller: Super Mario Bros action adventure/action rpg: Never played one tbh... first person shooter: Halo (Numero Uno) rts: Starcraft mmo: martial heroes flash game: Copter handheld: GB (The Second Generation) classic console: SNES (Lurved that Megaman game) game based movie: FF: Advent Children movie based game: Never played one, probably never will.
  9. Well, damn. My kickpedal for the Rock Band drum set officially broke 5 minutes ago. This is the second one to break within 2.5 months. Damn you EA and your cheap plastic. Pictures: Whatever, just kinda pissed right now.
  10. I have a PS3, and my "gaming" rig goes like so: ASRock 939 Dual-SATA AMD Athlon 3800+ x64 1GB Kingston Value Ram 667mhz (2 x 512mb) 160 GB IDE HDDs (2 x 80gb) BFG 6600 OC w/ 256mb ViewSonic 19" 8ms Monitor (1440x900)
  11. Java is nice (multiplatform, easy GUI, etc.), but it's really slow. I'd recommend learning Python or Perl because they're really really easy to pick up on and also pretty powerful; also they have an advantage being interpreted languages so you don't need to re-compile your code every time you make a petty change.
  12. dr0p

    RPG or FPS

    I prefer FPS and RTS, I get really really bored of RPGs really really quickly.
  13. This version of SMF is vulnerable to an XSS vulnerability (allows for cookie stealing. ) Just upgrade to the new version when it comes out.
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