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  1. Sweeeeet! I can't wait to add this one to my collection! I know in the introduction video you just posted you mentioned a plugin system. Will there be additional documentation on how to customize these and create payloads/plugins? Also - is there any onboard storage? Can I tap and grab my captures later? Any chance this will work with C2 as well?? :)
  2. Hi Everyone, So my latest obsession has been with embedded device hacking/reverse engineering. I've been having tons of fun discovering UART/JTAG ports/pins, dumping firmware, and walking the file systems. As far as binary analysis goes - I am looking for something comparable to IDA Pro. I've used it and like it, and from what I have read - it's considered the best; however it is also the most expensive. Does anyone know of any good alternatives the have a comparable feature set? I've been looking into Binary Ninja which is about $150 for a Hobbyist license - I am leaning towards that one so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D
  3. Awesome - this is great. I can't wait to play around with this tonight when I get home :)
  4. You guys are awesome. Quick question about the Individual Pen Tester/Free version. What does "Single User, Single Site" mean exactly? Does that mean I can't have devices in more than 1 place at a time? I need to keep my Pineapples all in one place? Thanks! D
  5. Decoy

    LAN Turtle 3G

    Has anyone played around with the new LAN Turtle 3G yet? Obviously there's a place for a SIM card. Are there decent "data only" SIM cards?
  6. This was actually mentioned in their "Let's Code" video when the Packet Squirrel was first released - so it's a known "issue". It can be done by syncing with NTP; however this can't be done in Transparent mode. You would need an IP on the target network with Internet access in order to accomplish this. While it might not be perfect, and might require some parsing on your part - you could always snag Timestamps from HTTP headers as well when returned across the wire.
  7. What do you mean, "Pineapple peeps"? I don't know if I should feel proud or offended.
  8. It has python, PHP, as well as Bash.
  9. Yes, I'll need to add it to my collection as well - but I still want to know what it is.
  10. Social engineering is a viable option. There's no way to spoof the 4-way handshake. Look at wifiphisher or fluxion for some examples. You could use the EvilPortal module to serve up a firmware update page, and get the key that way; however this would require deauthing the crap out of the actual wifi AP, and hoping the user clicks on your open hosted version. Some people do...
  11. How are you sharing internet with the VM? Have you tried it in client mode or outside of the VM?
  12. Are you connected over WiFi or Ethernet? Have you tried both manual and Guided setup? I found I had to wait until the LED was solid and the Pineapple was fully booted before sharing internet. Over WiFi, I had to reconnect to the Wifi access point after sharing internet when using Parrot.
  13. Also, there have been times where I had to configure manually with wp6.sh, and I had to reconnect to wifi after if I wasn't connected over Ethernet. This only happened with ParrotOS for me. Kali and Ubuntu worked with Guided setup perfectly.
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