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  1. Hi @Foxtrot - the new firmware is great. Is there any chance we can modify '/etc/opkg.conf' in a future release to add the following line? dest usb /mnt I've been experimenting with installing required packages directly onto USB with some success so far and was hoping a firmware update wouldn't wipe it out or require others to add it for future payloads. Thanks! Decoy
  2. Hi Everyone, So my latest obsession has been with embedded device hacking/reverse engineering. I've been having tons of fun discovering UART/JTAG ports/pins, dumping firmware, and walking the file systems. As far as binary analysis goes - I am looking for something comparable to IDA Pro. I've used it and like it, and from what I have read - it's considered the best; however it is also the most expensive. Does anyone know of any good alternatives the have a comparable feature set? I've been looking into Binary Ninja which is about $150 for a Hobbyist license - I am leaning towards that one so far. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, D
  3. This is a pretty decent article explaining how it can be done: https://ferrancasanovas.wordpress.com/cracking-and-sniffing-gsm-with-rtl-sdr-concept/
  4. That's precisely my intention.
  5. So I was able to change my password by pretending to forget it; however it might not be a bad idea to introduce a legitimate feature on the account page for this. Please let me know if I am just blind and can't find it anywhere.
  6. Hello, I don't know if I am blind or what - but I can't seem to find where to change my Hakshop Account password ANYWHERE. Is this functionality not available? It looks like the only thing I can add/change is my address. Thanks, D
  7. I agree with the ugly pocket; however I do like the idea of using nethunter on a phone while wardriving. It's easier to use my mobile device and slap an alpha card onto my passenger side window or driver side window as opposed to using a laptop.
  8. I just picked this up myself. I love Johnny Long and saw he made some contributions.
  9. That's right. I'm confusing the two. Check out his drone work too, it's pretty awesome. It flies around hacking other drones in flight, creating a drone army.
  10. I saw that for the first time last year I think... I'm more amazed that he built it out of a little girl's toy. He also caused mass inflation of the price in which to purchase one... But definitely genius. I've picked up some SDR gear, but I've yet to dabble.
  11. Are we talking strictly Mobile Browsing? The new Focus browser from Firefox is decent, and seems to tote privacy as its primary purpose. If we're talking desktop, I think Firefox is the way to go as there tend to be more plug-ins available for specific tasks. I was really excited for the Mantra Browser (variation of Firefox) from the OWASP project, but support seems to have fizzled out. There hasn't been an update in quite some time. This browser came bundled with a suite of plugins and pre-configured settings for web application testing. Check out some videos when you get the chance, it was pretty slick.
  12. Decoy


    I've been thinking more about this. Are you talking about GPS locations and such? I'm think you could match on SSID/BSSID to grab that latitude/longitude from the WiGle files and give a more accurate picture of what (and where) you are looking at. This is a great idea.
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