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  1. I've been off the forums for a bit. Getting caught up on some reading and this made me lol.
  2. Kismet is awesome for this imo. Here is a great writeup/video from Kody about it: https://null-byte.wonderhowto.com/how-to/use-kismet-watch-wi-fi-user-activity-through-walls-0182214/
  3. Hi @Foxtrot - the new firmware is great. Is there any chance we can modify '/etc/opkg.conf' in a future release to add the following line? dest usb /mnt I've been experimenting with installing required packages directly onto USB with some success so far and was hoping a firmware update wouldn't wipe it out or require others to add it for future payloads. Thanks! Decoy
  4. Different architecture I guess. I thought they were both Mips?
  5. Updated to reflect new payload location.
  6. Is this real life or are you trolling?
  7. If you're looking at Packet Squirrel pcap files, check out my response from a few days ago on this post:
  8. I suppose anyone could answer this question. I just wasn't sure if there were any development plans up the road. Thanks!
  9. Hi Darren and Seb, Is there any reason I couldn't use the following repository for opkg on the packet squirrel? I'm not sure if I would have issue with any of the binaries. If nothing else, I'd like to pull the libnet source. I've got some payloads I am working on and was curious as to what packages might be available; however the feeds appear to be the OpenWRT official out of the box? Maybe we should start a community repository for the squirrel as well? https://github.com/hak5/pineapple-packages-community https://www.wifipineapple.com/nano/packages/Packages.gz Decoy @Darren Kitchen, @Sebkinne
  10. You could use CLONE as opposed to TRANSPARENT to see if that resolves your issue. Modify the payload and try it? Here is a description of CLONE: NETMODE CLONE This network mode clones the MAC address of the target device from the Ethernet In port, spoofing it for use on the LAN from the Packet Squirrel’s Ethernet Out ports. In practice, when deploying a Packet Squirrel payload with NETMODE CLONE, the MAC address is sniffed from the target (IN) and will change the MAC address on the LAN (OUT) side. This is done by inspecting sniffed packets from the target device and is typically done in just a few seconds. For stealth deployments, have the Packet Squirrel clone the MAC address of the target device from its Ethernet IN port before connecting the cable to the Ethernet OUT port. The Packet Squirrel will indicate that the MAC address has been successfully cloned by several seconds of rapid white blinking on its LED.
  11. Are you performing any attacks in the network? Or just running tcpdump?
  12. I've actually been toying with the idea of trying to get SSLSplit on the Squirrel. Just as Whistle Master has done for the Pineapple. Why not? It seems possible in theory.
  13. I know this post is super old - but a quick fix (which I just used recently) is to modify the payload changing NETMODE from TRANSPARENT to BRIDGE. Obviously this won't work if you're looking to keep the device hidden as you will be assigned an IP address from the target; however for my purposes I was simply monitoring one node on my network. This allowed me to track time appropriately. Payload modification: function run() { # Create loot directory mkdir -p /mnt/loot/tcpdump &> /dev/null # Set networking to TRANSPARENT mode and wait five seconds #NETMODE TRANSPARENT # Set networking to BRIDGE to allow for correct timestamp on caps NETMODE BRIDGE sleep 5 # Start tcpdump on the bridge interface tcpdump -i br-lan -s 0 -w /mnt/loot/tcpdump/dump_$(date +%Y-%m-%d-%H%M%S).pcap &>/dev/null & tpid=$! # Wait for button to be pressed (disable button LED) NO_LED=true BUTTON finish $tpid }
  14. Sweeeeet! I can't wait to add this one to my collection! I know in the introduction video you just posted you mentioned a plugin system. Will there be additional documentation on how to customize these and create payloads/plugins? Also - is there any onboard storage? Can I tap and grab my captures later? Any chance this will work with C2 as well?? :)
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