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  1. Decoy

    LAN Turtle 3G

    Has anyone played around with the new LAN Turtle 3G yet? Obviously there's a place for a SIM card. Are there decent "data only" SIM cards?
  2. Decoy

    Packet Squirrel/PCAP Timestamp

    This was actually mentioned in their "Let's Code" video when the Packet Squirrel was first released - so it's a known "issue". It can be done by syncing with NTP; however this can't be done in Transparent mode. You would need an IP on the target network with Internet access in order to accomplish this. While it might not be perfect, and might require some parsing on your part - you could always snag Timestamps from HTTP headers as well when returned across the wire.
  3. Decoy

    snifing phone messages

    This is a pretty decent article explaining how it can be done: https://ferrancasanovas.wordpress.com/cracking-and-sniffing-gsm-with-rtl-sdr-concept/
  4. Decoy

    Can't install SD card

    What do you mean, "Pineapple peeps"? I don't know if I should feel proud or offended.
  5. Decoy

    HakShop Concern

    That's precisely my intention.
  6. Decoy

    HakShop Concern

    So I was able to change my password by pretending to forget it; however it might not be a bad idea to introduce a legitimate feature on the account page for this. Please let me know if I am just blind and can't find it anywhere.
  7. Decoy

    HakShop Concern

    Hello, I don't know if I am blind or what - but I can't seem to find where to change my Hakshop Account password ANYWHERE. Is this functionality not available? It looks like the only thing I can add/change is my address. Thanks, D
  8. Decoy

    Meterpreter fun

    It has python, PHP, as well as Bash.
  9. Decoy

    Kali on Nexus vs Android

    I agree with the ugly pocket; however I do like the idea of using nethunter on a phone while wardriving. It's easier to use my mobile device and slap an alpha card onto my passenger side window or driver side window as opposed to using a laptop.
  10. Decoy

    Kali Linux Revealed Book

    I just picked this up myself. I love Johnny Long and saw he made some contributions.
  11. Decoy

    What is the packet squirrel?

    Yes, I'll need to add it to my collection as well - but I still want to know what it is.
  12. Decoy

    What is the packet squirrel?

    Is there more info in this yet?
  13. Decoy

    Root your car (Idea)

  14. Decoy

    Root your car (Idea)

    That's right. I'm confusing the two. Check out his drone work too, it's pretty awesome. It flies around hacking other drones in flight, creating a drone army.
  15. Decoy

    Root your car (Idea)

    I saw that for the first time last year I think... I'm more amazed that he built it out of a little girl's toy. He also caused mass inflation of the price in which to purchase one... But definitely genius. I've picked up some SDR gear, but I've yet to dabble.