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  1. Disk 3 is a hardware RAID ~5, Windows doesn't know it has redundancy.
  2. There is redundancy, Disks 0 and 2 are mirrored on to disk 1. Data would only be lost of disk 1 and disk 0 or 2 died.
  3. C comprises of a software mirror (RAID 1) on Drives 0 and 1. D comprises of a software mirror (RAID 1) on drives 2 and 1. This is not an ideal setup as writing to C will slow down writing to D and vise verse. Also, should disk 1 die both C and D are in danger of loosing data should they then die. Also the Drobo is not in the ideal configuration for working with Server 2003 or later. Ideally you would create a single gigantanormouse 16TB partition.
  4. Smart lawyer: "Why did you start logging this information and not just which sites where visited?" You: "<lie>" Smart lawyer: "Isn't it rather coincidental... etc." You: "<silence/lie>" It probably will end very badly.
  5. Actually the intention for the logging may make it illegal depending on laws appropriate to your location. Logging for performance and security, fine. Logging for the purpose of stealing passwords, not fine.
  6. Providing that 7zip's implementation is correct, yes.
  7. I would like to reiterate: IPv6 is not the problem. The problem is tunneling. Toredo is just very convenient because the service is maintained by Microsoft and super easy to setup and install (for every one including attackers). However, there are many other tunneling service/tools that some one could use to the same effect. Hamachie, OpenVPN, SSH just to name a few. There are even tools which allow you to create a tunnel over HTTP and can even go through through SOCKS and HTTP proxies, so blocking all forms of tunneling is a very difficult thing to do.
  8. Sparda

    Hacking Simulation

    Hollywood hacking: Black background, green text. Person typing at full speed never hits the wrong key. As they type scary text* constantly flies up the terminal screen. *Scary text is a formal grammar defined as an alphabet to contain any of the following: backdoor, exploit, overflow, null pointer, routing, stack, bypass, proxy, firewall, virus, worm. (Defiantly can be expanded on).
  9. Having a firewall/router that supports IPv6 does not prevent IPv6 from been tunneled over IPv4. When IPv6 is tunneled over IPv4, the router never sees any IPv6 traffic.
  10. If the Teensy is acting as a keyboard... it can't receive output from the command prompt. What you could do though is have the Teensy write a script that contains all the logic necessary to handle what ever you want to do.
  11. Have you seen the openSuSE ISO? It just barley fits on a single layer disk! While the 4GB file size limit of FAT32 is true, you can have FAT partitions up to 2TB. Windows doesn't want you to do that, but you can.
  12. The sound quality for you is terrible or the microphone record quality is terrible or both?
  13. Does it have a physical 'write protect' switch on the drive?
  14. I personally would stare at the data in WinHex and try and spot the sudden change in data that indicates the block boundaries. You can even do searches for file type that should make it easier, like try and find a bitmap.
  15. I know of it, I've never used it. So, good luck I suppose, it does loads of things my program can't do lol.
  16. In theory yes. How are you getting the images back? Does the process you are using account for fragmentation?
  17. The FCC site won't have any guides for fixing your mouse. What's wrong with the mouse?
  18. Once you get the drive bootable again. The OS will know how to use the RAID controller, so if you take an image of the working drive, then boot the working drive, you can use dd for windows to image the copy back to the RAID :P
  19. Yes. The way I have previously determined the slice size is by opening the drive in WinHex and starting at them in simultaneous view until they reveal there secrets.
  20. Sparda


    The default website at that IP address appears to be one of those sites that tries to install a toolbar in your browser. It's probably some thing bad.
  21. Well, it's not just IPv6 that's the problem, it's tunneling of any sort that is the underlying problem. Teredo makes it easy because the service requires no effort for the attacker to maintain, and it's easy to setup. It is possible to tunnel traffic for the HTTP protocol even though HTTP and SOCKS proxies. If you want to block tunneling out right, you have a major uphill battle in front of you. Alternatively you can just go for the low hanging fruit.
  22. Do (approximately) 16 other people share the 8Mbps line?
  23. You would have to keep changing the mac address of the adapter and authenticating. You could use a couple of adapters and do it in parallel to speed up the process though.
  24. Check your PM's, may be of use to you.
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