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  1. Check out VLC's man page, there might be an option to disable warnings. Alternatively, you could just send all of stdout to /dev/null.
  2. If it works, ignore them. These messages are likely to help you figure out why it doesn't work when it doesn't work (sort of always on debug messages).
  3. Sparda

    Copy ?

    For all intents and purposes it's the same.
  4. It's illegal to write intentionally malicious software in many countries.
  5. Sparda

    Copy ?

    This is because only the first program runs. The second program which happens to be in the same file never executes. I'm not sure you could get it to execute in that state either.
  6. I'm not sure encryption is an area where opinions matter, what does matter is if it's possible to revers the encryption process without the information it was thought necessary to revers the encryption (i.e. the key or keys).
  7. You can create a auto install disk. I forget what Microsoft calls it, it basically gets all the information for the install from a text file.
  8. I don't know the specifics of the configuration of this IPBoard install, but the people who make IPBoard offer a spam prevention service. That is to say, they have a central database of know IP and email address and usernames, if an account matches some variation of them, it gets auto banned. No idea if it's turned on for this install though. It's either not setup or it's stopped working.
  9. For those interested: The amount of spam still out numbers new user posts (posts by new users) by about ten to one (or worse).
  10. No, you need to setup a virtual host in Apache for app.domain.com. mod_rewrite is used to internally redirect the request to another file or directory based on a rule set, it can't change the URL displayed in the browser.
  11. Your router doesn't (and shouldn't) run a web site that is exposed to the internet. Just forward port 80 instead of 1234.
  12. You can't remove the port (http://domain.com:1234/something) without braking the website. The browser needs to know that the server is running on a different from default port. If sounds like what you have setup with dyndns is not a domain record as such (well, it is partly) but a 301 or 307 redirect, so the browser literally goes and gets another URL. If you want to get rid of the port you have to run the server on port 80. To setup the subdoamin correctly you need to create a new virtual host in your Apache config that defines it. mod_rewrite can't do any of this this.
  13. Ask them why you are getting such slow speeds.
  14. You could write a simple script to traverse all the folders and build a list of empty ones, or just have it delete them automatically.
  15. Hello ForcedLogic, I hope you had fun going through the post approval system :P Still getting spammed a fair bit. Want to see what happens over the period of a night (UK time). Annoyingly, most of the spam accounts are registering (and validating) with gmail accounts. wtf Google, get your act together lol. Then yahoo is used quite a bit, then mail.ru.
  16. Well, hak5.org gets indexed by Google really fast, so it's a target for spammers because of that and despite the nofollow options been added to all user posted links.
  17. ok, I think I got it figured out. Mod approval back on :(
  18. Strangely, there has been no spam over this evening :| Guess I'll turn off moderator approval and see if it comes back lol.
  19. In that case I'm turning on moderator approval for new users (I apologies to the new users, but it's just ridiculous). I hope other believe this to be a justifiable approach to the problem (please tell me what you think).
  20. I've already made a couple of small changes. One of the changes I wanted to make was preventing the posting of links before a few posts have been made, unfortunately this functionality is not built in.
  21. Ye, lots of spam. Fortunately the new forum makes it so much easier to remove spam (can mass remove a users posts). No idea why so much of it is in Russian, I mean, how many people are likely to click links on an English speaking forum if the post is in Russian?
  22. Avidmux allows a simple way to editing videos time line.
  23. Step 1. Setup fake AP Step 2. Setup fake landing page Step 3. Steal passwsords U mad wireless product vendor?
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