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  1. The most defense you can do: Limit range of single Limit direction of signals (between the two devices) Turn off SSID broadcasting Use mac address filtering Turn off your client device when you aren't using it (no client, nothing he can do) All this requires no new any things. With new stuff you could do some thing like detect when the network is been flooded with ARP requests then turn off wireless on the router. This could be done with a snort rule or similar. Of course, then it's basically a DoS on your self, so perhaps not the best solution. The ultimate solution: Get some thing you can install DDWRT on, use it as a bridge between WPA2 wireless and wired ethernet. I assume your box thing has a ethernet port.
  2. With gmail, you should never had to delete mail, your storage capacity grows by 25MB a day or some thing like that.
  3. I personally would just use Thunderbird, it's nearly identical on all platforms.
  4. /quick glance You have the source code... <_< (and now every one has) just edit it so it doesn't need to be registered...
  5. Only if the banner said "by using this connection you agree that you give the owner of the network full access to any and all accounts you may access while using this network". Even then I'm not sure it is legal.
  6. If think you should ask her for her password, and explain why.
  7. and she shouldn't know the truth about you stealing her account details? Doesn't make it less illegal.
  8. Well... it is if the intention is to steal other peoples passwords
  9. So if you did some thing that was illegal and behind her back, it's ok because it's you and not her?
  10. What will you tell her when she asks if you accessed her facebook/email account without her consent?
  11. I meant choose "better performance" in device manager, but it has the same effect.
  12. Have you tried enabling write caching in device manager?
  13. Hard disk is struggling?
  14. Sparda

    Facebook Hacked

    The hack probably consisted of one of the following (and thus is not a hack): Your facebook password is easy to guess Your email account password is easy to guess You told someone your email account password You told someone your facebook password Your secret question for your facebook account is easy to guess Your secret question for your email account is easy to guess It's possible there is malware on your computer stealing your passwords IP addresses are fairly worthless, there are ways to conceal ones true IP address.
  15. Sparda

    Day 8

    the next day (sorry of meaningless post)
  16. I don't think looking at server logs need physical access...
  17. Have you tried contacting facebook to get the profile taken down?
  18. I don't use any... occasionally check to see what runs on startup.
  19. Sparda


    Hi! :D Ok! You can probably do it with any normal tool that can do this. Though the driver might just refuse to work, depends if protections agisn't this have been writen in to the driver. you can't. Yes, all of them. No problem :)
  20. I think that's a PowerPC architecture... so you really only have a choice of Linux or a Unix variant. If you wanted to run Windows on it you would have to run a x86 emulator-VM on it. no, I'm an idiot.
  21. Does the drive show up in disk manager?
  22. Definitely is, admittedly I'd have to figure out how to do it, but it definitely is.
  23. net group administrators %username% /delete Run script on login ;)
  24. An easier solution might be to put an iframe that contains the knowledgebase portal page on the page where the links are (could even be 1px by 1px). In that way, the knowledge base will think that the user has been to the portal page (because they have).
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