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  1. You can use some thing like the GNU Radio to do stuff (possibly illegal) with mobile phone networks, but it's not as simple as 802.11 networks.
  2. Vodaphone is a mobile phone provider... that adapter your friend has uses the mobile phone network not a computer wireless network.
  3. I like this, but, donating a server to this is... dangerous, for a number of reason. First question I have is, can wikileaks be trusted? I want to say yes, but I can't because there are too many people and possibilities. I am aware that Julian him self was/is a cryptographer, however, that's not to say that every one in the organization takes security as serious as him. What if the details you gave wikileaks leaked... now some one has a bot net of some nature. It would be much better (for security for the point of view of the mirror's host) if they did some thing like setup a SVN server with all the files public for download, then gave people scripts they could run to do a SVN download, and the script just downloaded updated files after the first download so as to eliminate some load. Then people could submit URLs for the mirrors to wikileaks, and there for create a mirroring system of some nature. This is just a primitive idea though.
  4. I couldn't figure it out... but then, I am stupid so...
  5. PermitRootLogin no That will prevent the root use from logging in via SSH. it won't stop a regular already logged in user from becoming root (su, sudo) however. Thus, a simple brute force attack is substantially more difficult because the attacker now needs to figure out a valid username and matching password, and then they need to figure out the root password.
  6. It not good to let the root account login via SSH, particularly if you intend to use this over the internet. You really should login as a normal acount and use either su or sudo.
  7. Ubuntu by default doesn't have a root password (the root account is disabled). it used to be the case that SSH server by default would allow root login, but that might have changed. Have you tried connecting using a normal account?
  8. Both parties need the shared key in order to establish a connection.
  9. Any software solution can be bypassed in minuets if not seconds, so some thing that is not on the computer is essential.
  10. So the phone line goes under the floor? The floor is loose and has worn a hole in the cable? The cable shorts when some one stands on the bit of floor that has worn out the cable (which only happens when there are allot of people becasue normally that area of the floor is not used, it it happens to be under a big chair and only happens when 3 people are sat on it)?
  11. Phone line taps aren't physical any more. Try it with another phone, same problems? Call the phone company.
  12. OpenDNS would be a good thing to try. Though you will need to block out bound UDP port 53 (assuming your router proxies DNS requests) from internal computers. However, this system could be defeated simply by having a DNS server on the out side of the LAN that doesn't run on port 53, or by having some nature of tunneling occur.
  13. Most people on the internet will tell you that a website that relies on flash is a bad web site. Not just for the annoyance of flash, but also your site won't work on devices that don't support flash. Design it on a piece of paper first :)
  14. Have you asked the IT folk if you can have admin?
  15. Have you tried running gpudate /force?
  16. This post fired all my spam alerts... except I know better than to follow them religiously :)
  17. There are lots of things you can do. You could, for example, get a second computer and physically separate them from each other by setting up multiple networks. This requires effort and money however. Another (free) option would be to install any penetration testing software in a virtual machine. However, it will still be on the same network as the other computer, but at least any vulnerabilities introduced as a result will only effect the VM and not your main computer.
  18. I'm confused. You have to come up with a distributed project idea other wise you will be using CORBA (a system for communications between platforms and languages)?
  19. Make sure to put the universal time code in there. As you know, the last thing in the book, the conclusion of all conclusions will be... 42.
  20. I do wonder the vast complexity of the BIOS on a device like that. First off, hot swappable graphics cards wtf. Then, Fail over redundancy graphics cards wtf. Then, controlling which computers have access to which card wtf. Like most things I'm sure it's very easy if you actually wrote the software that makes it work.
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