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  1. Well, I think i will work since the track on pressed CDs and DVDs is made of aliminume, and from what i can tell the scratch isn't deep enough to have lost bytes on the aliminume.
  2. Recently I found the need to access a old pressed DVD, it how ever has two rather minor scratches on it, these scratches are visiable directly form above, so they are clearly the problem when i can't access it. My theory is that if i heat the under side of the disk where the two scratches are gently, then hub them getly, the plastic should reset into it';s origional flat state, or at last flat enough for the DVD drive to read the intackt track. Does any one agree/disagrre or have any other ideas?
  3. other wise turn every computer in to a zombie... and use them to seed torrents... just a surgestion ^^
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