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  1. The functionality of 'won't print when cartridges are empty' is often driver based. Using the 'incorrect' driver can some times result in printing with what ever is installed.
  2. You won't know the printer works unless it actually prints some thing. I mean, you can send it the job, and see if it tries to print, or even trick it in to thinking it has ink to print, but the head may be faulty, so unless there is ink to testing it with... you won't know for sure.
  3. The server needs to send the content header as application/vnc for it to work correctly.
  4. Do VB6 applications even run on Vista/7?
  5. Use VB6. VB .NET always requires the .NET framework.
  6. This is exactly what J2EE is for.
  7. You are trying to save a page? File > Save as
  8. Partitions where never meant to be: expanded reduced other wise re-sized moved Always keep a backup available when doing any of these things.
  9. Sounds like magic. Brute forcing/dictionary attacks are the only feasible methods given no knowledge of the password. Assuming the archives implementation of password based encryption is correct.
  10. Uplink is awesome at this: </admins can troll occasionally>
  11. It's just a form. The university I went to used this and it was simple enough to auto login with a script I can't remember what language it was written in. As I recall it doesn't even do any thing as elaborate as set a session when the form displays, you can just instantly POST having no prior communication with it and it will work.
  12. The referer is the URL of the page that told the browser to load another file.
  13. Notice how C is still the boot drive...
  14. The backtrack background has been skewed the wrong way, the image on the monitor says the monitor is facing left, but the monitor is actually facing right.
  15. Look like you can edit your profile just fine ;) It's an anti-spamism. You can't edit your profile or posts you have made until you have a couple of posts.
  16. I think this is what you are looking for: http://www.freebsddiary.org/openssl-client-authentication.php
  17. Brute forcing routers can some times brick them, temporarily at least, such that you have to power it off and on again to continue brute forcing.
  18. Nothing useful here...
  19. Check if there are any errors in dmesg.
  20. If you use a resolution higher than the number of physical pixels on the screen, you will lose detail, not increase it.
  21. Counter Strike Source was release relatively* recently. *relatively to the last ice age
  22. echo "1" > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward Is that what you are after?
  23. Are you sure the jQuery library is been loaded? Are there any errors in the error console?
  24. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=125+access+point http://www.arubanetworks.com/product/aruba-ap-124-ap-125-access-points/ Derp.
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