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  1. On greater inspection I found a piece of black tape to the right of the battery contacts with the battery removed. Under the tape is a switch. I flipped the switch, then booted. It came to a blue screen asking me to press spacebar to reinstall DONT PRESS SPACEBAR. After pressing key combinations I found Ctrl + D breaks out of that screen and will install developer mode!! At each reboot you need to press Ctrl + D still but it will boot into developer mode. While in developer mode press Ctrl + Alt + T chrome will slide to the left and you will be left with a lame stripped terminal (you can type help for a few commands) At this point if you type shell, you will get full bash. Your username is Chronos (yeah thats cool) To root just type sudo su I have not been able to figure out what the process for changing the root password is tho. passwd Chronos gives odd locked errors and I cant seem to unlock it. O hacking how I love the
  2. I have received a Google CR-48 from Google as a free beta user through work. The model is the "Mario". I know these are EXTREMELY new, but does anyone have any input on them? Can anyone pop the browser and get out of the sandbox? Puttin the screws to it now lol
  3. Thanks, when I asked this similar question on the IPCOP forum and I was flamed by the moderators and was told there was no problem, that an IPv6 attack was not even possible! I have been using IPCOP for years and love what it has done for me. However if the people running the show do nothing but flame the people who use their software with genuine questions, I think ill be switching firewalls.
  4. I run IPCOP for my main firewall. It only supports IPv4, is there any way for IPv6 to pass my firewall without tunneling through IPv4 without using Teredo? I guess what I am asking is if I block Teredo's tunneling port for IPv6 udp/3544, am I completely safe from IPv6 based attacks on computers inside my network? Such as the attack in this episode Hak5 IPv6 Metasploit
  5. I can't find the information im looking for anywhere else, so I figured id ask here. I want to segregate just one of my VPN connections without changing any of the others I want to use iptables to only allow it to communicate with 2 ip addresses and only 1 port on each. The problem im having is what to use in the interface portion. Im under the assumption the tun0 is the interface for all of the VPN connections so I cant use that, and Im not sure if the IP it leases out is static or dynamic. I am using IPCOP with the OpenVPN addon. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  6. I am trying to use Plink from a windows box to automate a telnet SMTP mail message. I use this command line and it just opens the session but does not issue the commands from the script. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong I have been looking for 2 days thanks. plink -telnet SMTPserver.com -P 25 myscriptname
  7. First off im using Windows (no choice in the matter). I was looking for a way to script a telnet session. For instance open telnet send a bunch of SMTP commands then close the window. I have tried with a vbs script, it connects to the SMTP but does not issue the commands. I have also tried with plink (from the putty site) with the same result. I would prefer to use putty if i can, I don't want to install anything if I dont have to.
  8. I have been looking into Enterprise Antiviruses to possibly replace the current one we have. Everywhere I look seems to be bias, and geared toward selling a product instead of giving an actual review. We have about 250 Windows machines to deploy to and currently use CA. It doesn't seem to slow the machines much, but it misses tons of things that even my free home antivirus has no problem catching. Thanks
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