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  1. If replacing the drive (and thus removing the bad sectors on the drive) and rebuilding the RAID dose not resolve the BSOD problem, you'll probably have to reinstall :/
  2. You should defiantly check out zone minder.
  3. Don'ts: Try and mount a FS from a drive that is part of a RAID while it is not in the RAID Do: Image the drives* *This is good for backing up the data, but, recovering this data could be a bit tricky. In my (sort of) short experience with RAID controller, they tend to store the RAID configuration at the end of each drive. This becomes a problem if you take an image of the drives, then put the images onto disks larger that the previous ones, the RAID controller won't find the configuration at the need of the drive and will assume it's a new drive. Of course this is may be different for your RAID controller, but the couple I have used all did it this way. If you know what's up and how do you can probably move the configuration to the end of the drive, but the configuration may have information about the drive size and what not, so that then may become a problem.
  4. Assuming they have backups ogf the data, yes, plug the new drive in and rebuild. If they don't keep backups, tell them to start taking backups, use another OS to backup all the data then rebuild the RAID.
  5. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/ Click "Get Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC now", follow instructions.
  6. It's possible that USB controller for the drive had died/become loose. Open the case and make sure it's all tightly seated. if this fails, plug the drive directly into a motherboard (using SATA or IDE or what ever it is) and see if the drive still works that way.
  7. Sparda

    Raid 5

    Forgot to mention, many RAID controllers don't support volumes above 2TB, that is some thing else that needs to be determined.
  8. Sparda

    Raid 5

    Traditional RAID 5 requires all drives be of the same size, if the drives are not of the same size the size of the smallest drive is assumed for all drives. Your current drives in RAID 5 will be the equivalent of having 4 500GB drives in RAID 5. One drive of space is lost of redundancy, so (1.5TB - ~20%) 1.3TB is the amount of space that would be expected.
  9. Bringing up dead thread with relevance: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/12/29/cuckold_computer_tech_hacking_charges/
  10. It is not based on a true story. It is a fanciful telling of a story that has probably never happened involving many dramatized tricks used by hackers. If you want a closer to real life movie check out Wargames. Again, it's quite a fanciful story, but the 'hacking' involved is more grounded in reality.
  11. If I didn't know any better, I'd think this is spam. WoW addons work the same on all OSs, just copy to plugin to the plugin directory.
  12. You can cluster computers (with either Windows Server Datacenter or Linux), but it may not be useful to you depending on it intended use. Clusters only work well if the application you intend to run is multi-threaded enough to utilize all available processors.
  13. If I ran a data center, I'd block file sharing connections from the internet, almost certainly a firewall at the data center is blocking it. Also, good job with the security there ;)
  14. How are you connected to the other data center? Over the internet direct or VPN or dialup or what?
  15. Probably some thing in between them is blocking file sharing. Probably a firewall some where. The simplest solution might be to use another file transfer mechanism, such as SSH or *cough* remote desktop.
  16. Can it ping or trace route successfully?
  17. WinFF is a pile of awesome. As is most open source software (7-Zip, VLC, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Notepad++ <3).
  18. Are the videos DRM'ed in some way?
  19. Write one, it's not particularly difficult. http://docs.python.org/library/ftplib.html There is the problem that it won't work, but nothing wrong with writing one, it's good programing experience.
  20. Shall answer my own question my self: This script appears to be a PHP command line back door. Not to be the biggest cynic or any thing (which I am) but I would not use this script ever for three reasons. The first is that it APPEARS (my PHP skills are not as good as they probably should be) to use code obfuscation in places. My be the author was trying to hide the evil bits from anti-virus or to hide a backdoor in the backdoor (Yo dawg). What's interesting about the former is <see second reason>. The second is that many anti-virus programs (including ClamAV) detect this script as potentially malicious, so if you where intending to use it as a backdoor, you should probably reconsider and do some thing else. The third reason is that you would learn far more by writing your own and figuring out how to obfuscate it from anti-virus detection your self.
  21. What is the purpose of this script? What it it intended to do?
  22. Handbrake should be able to do it. Should that fail WinFF almost certainly can.
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