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  1. I fourth checking the cable. Also is there any large magnets near or around the monitor, like a sub woofer. That'll also do it (usually only when the bass hits).
  2. well the php manual has this to say about pdf http://www.php.net/manual/en/ref.pdf.php and a google search returned this http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/114/0.php
  3. Well, at least there isn't any traffic ;)
  4. First off the design, There is nothing that grabs me, its all pastels, and looks really boring. You need to kick up the saturation on some of the colors. Which brings me to the logo. The specular highlights on it makes the text not readable. Its also way too big, and it creates a ton of useless whitespace, maybe if you put it on the left and had the rest of the content flow around it or something. And as others have pointed out, its not clear that those bubbles are actually buttons, you should also make them change color when you hover your mouse over them. And the last thing for the love of Pete (who ever he is) let me wish for something thats on the front page. Kinda like digg.
  5. Just Installed Linux and Beryl, and have yet to get bored of the wobbly windows.
  6. You could buy a serial from Adobe's website, but I'm just being technical. And The GIMP is not as good as Photoshop, but it is much better than a Non functioning copy of Photoshop and a potential lawsuit for pirating it. :D Not only that but its perfect for web design, and any other medium to light graphics tasks.
  7. Well, to limit your users to one page, you could use some sort of proxy, but instead of pulling from a cache it sends your home page. ...I thought Tesla coils were High voltage, high freq, low amps. I don't really have much knowledge in electronics, but a friend explained to me that, due to the high frequency, the electricity would pass over your body, not through it.
  8. ...Thats what I thought... but I couldn't find anything that said that (I didn't look) But its still sorta geeky... sorta...
  9. I've never been to Europe, but if I, somehow, found myself there I would probably go see blinkenlights or the slightly higher res Bibliothèque nationale de France
  10. yeah, if installing python doesn't fix it. you might want to take this to the blender forums. It might be a graphics card problem, try updating your drivers, but I don't wish to keep hijacking this thread.
  11. When you start blender there is a "DOS" window that pops up, does it say anything weird? other than: Compiled with Python version 2.4. Checking for installed Python... got it!
  12. You have to make sure that you are rendering the right layer, its usually in the first layer (press the 1 key) if it isn't press the ~ key to render all layers. You may also need to add lights (space -> add -> lamp -> lamp).
  13. ...mine was too, not necessarily directed at beanfarmer, but toward interpretive dance (who takes interpretive dance seriously anyway (well besides art majors and soccer moms (not that I have anything against art majors and soccer moms))). The poem is nice and I know that not all poetry has to rhyme. geeze. :roll:
  14. Well, in certain circumstances its good, in this circumstance, it isn't. I have a feeling were agreeing here. It isn't a real fork but has all the down sides of one. I think hsncorrosion should save himself some time and just name the darn things .zip or .hsn.zip or .hsn.r0xz0rz.zip under a default windows setup people wouldn't know (or care).
  15. wish i found that before i read the 1057 page manual. Bah, books are for n00bs. I been using blender since before it had any features at all, and learned them as they were added.:twisted: and pick up the GIMP (probably already installed) and Inkscape, they all work nicely together... sort of... well, its all open source, so I'm not guaranteeing anything, not even an expressed warrant of merchantability.
  16. So, now on to the rant of why forking Open Source apps are bad. So now, are you going to make another version of the software everytime there is a new version of 7zip? If you don't you could be opening up computers to viruses, spyware, or hacking, because they are not running the latest version of 7zip. But its your name, your reputation, and your email inbox that gets flooded with angry messages.
  17. Ironic isn't it? A poem about the lack of 1337ness that doesn't rhyme. It could just be an emotive poem in which we need to see the interpretive dance along with it for it to make any sense at all. Were not allowed to flame in here. So, if you want flammage, just repost in the Everything Else board, and we will ;)
  18. Looks like you have a service thats crashing, and thats pretty much all you can tell from thats screenshot. Try disabling non essential services until the errors go away.
  19. This may be a dumb question, have you tried decompressing the exe first. The most common exe compression is UPX . But a quick google search for "executable compressor" will give you decent list of others.
  20. Well, Kate was talking about Flash, where the camera is fixed you can't, as Kate found, shake it. So, you need "shake the world" and seeing as the camera is fixed it will seem as though the camera, not the world is shaking.
  21. apparently it was DDOS'd http://darrenkitchen.vox.com/library/post/...ure-mail-8.html
  22. Have you thought that, maybe, instead of shaking the camera, you shake the world. This would, due to relativity, make it appear as if the camera were shaking.
  23. [...]what was the concentration? Very High What Degree(s)[...] do you have? 2nd and 3rd mostly If you could do it over, would you pick the same thing? No, I would actually use some sort of fire, I'm thinking magnesium, as it burns pretty hot. And for those not quite there yet, what are your plans? ... Oh! You're talking about education, not chemical burns... ... In that case: Web Development Associate of Applied Science Probably, maybe switch to CS
  24. Well, yes you could have your own TLD, you'd just have to run your own root DNS Server. Like all these fine folks. Just nobody would use it, except you.
  25. I'm assuming your using windows. What file system are you using (NTFS or FAT)? Have you tried booting to a live cd and deleting it from there? and why may I ask do you need to remove this folder so desperately? I'm thinking its pr0n or warez, in which you probably have a viral infection. If thats the case formatting and reinstalling, I have a feeling that formatting will solve your problem no matter what. :twisted: And next time buy your pr0n and download your warez from a trusted site... errr... I might have that backwards. :P
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