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  1. line dropped... darn it, where did it go... Oh, heh, there it is. *gives line back before he drops it again*
  2. I've had the Admin as an instructor, for several classes, and basically allows us to "hack" each others computers, as long as we don't destroy their homework, or use packet sniffers. He sees it as a learning experience, so when we're the Admin we know how to defend ourselves, and our computers. In other words changing the default passwords (usually "123456" for root and "1234" for the user) and keeping software up to date.
  3. How to protect yourself from being 0wn3d Step 1. SSL - encrypt any traffic containing passwords or personal information. Step 2. Use Good Passwords - Use really long really jumbled up passwords, like these here https://www.grc.com/passwords.htm Step 3. Don't tell ANYONE your password, nobody, not even if they promise to fix things. So, If you want you can just reply with your account and password, and I'll just fix that up for you... (NOTE: see step 3)
  4. Wow, when I was in the scouts we lit pretty much everything that didn't move (and somethings that did) on fire. Picnic tables, Clay pigeons, each other... some fellow scouts even smoked rope, and, no, thats not some new drug, literally rope, they claimed to get high off it. armadaender I think you were just in the wrong troop.
  5. emm... its not really a merit badge, its an activity patch. Activity patches are given out for attending certain events or other troop activities. My experiences in scouting suggests that the LA area council put out a list of requirement for the local troops and scouts complete in order to receive the patch. Boy Scouts is a non profit organization and wont turn away money, So I don't really blame the council for doing that, and you shouldn't really pirate movies anyway.
  6. I'd like to point out the link in the quote in Darren's reply is still functional. Just a little heads up... ...
  7. Make double-extra sure that all the betas and RC's are uninstalled first. The instructions for uninstalling them are here. Thats the only problem I've ever had with IE 7.
  8. either he's a bot or he blogs about some really weird things. Here's a link to his blogger profile. hxxp:// www . blogger . com / profile / 26851995
  9. wait... Darren is a bot controlled by Wess and Wess is bot controlled by Darren. The control of Wess and Darren infinitely recurse. Who's the n00b that left out the base case? I demand answers!
  10. I usually only sign important emails. My mother barely knows the difference between the internet, the email and the "wordsoft". So no signed/encrypted emails for her. However, don't forget enigmail a great extension for Thunderbird.
  11. thank goodness I'm not the only one who's had bad, very bad, experiences with Office. I still have nightmares of documents not formatting quite right. I have never had problems with Open Office, and yes it is very available for Linux. As far as games go, a lot of mainstream games have versions for linux. There are lists of these floating around the internet somewhere, I just can't think of any off the top of my bookmarks list/head. VLC is a great movie and video player and supports pretty much everything.
  12. well, lm hashes, the subStandard windows hashes, convert everything to upper case before hashing. So, there isn't a need to create hashes with lowercase characters it would be a waste. as for the original post, I don't think thats possible at least not with rainbow crack. Is it possible to write a program that allows that... sure... but it would take a lot of work to design a reduction function that allows for that.
  13. Cooper, If I understand crypto hashes, the result should be random yet unique. Which would really lay ruin to a hash table, because it make it very difficult to map them to a memory address, and keep the collisions low. However, What you probably want is a Binary Search Tree, where each node points a position in the table (1/2, 1/4, 3/4, etc.) That should be O(log(n)) for those that are counting. I doubt you'll get anything more efficient than that. EDIT: I forgot to mention that the Rainbow table should be sorted first
  14. Well, there is the Nerdity Test. Its very comprehensive (I scored a 44.6%). Can you do better? (Sorry, I have to challenge you it gives me an extra point on the test)
  15. Oh, well, thats easy, turn off unicode. Its under the project properties -> general -> charecter set. I used "not set" to compile the exe
  16. VLC http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-ubuntu.html
  17. I used Visual Studio Pro, what errors are you getting? Do the errors in dev-c++ refer to the fopen_s? That sis Microsoft's "secure" fopen Function.
  18. yeah theres also an Orange County in Florida, but nobody would ever think that there is an Orange County in Florida. Even though Florida's top three exports are Oranges, space shuttles, and those annoying Micky Mouse hats. :D
  19. I was inspired by eDgE, nifty little program. So I added some features, and rewrote it in c++. http://rapidshare.de/files/35500706/bait-a...hblade.zip.html It only uses one file "baseball.txt". It uses the following format 0;notepad.exe;1;sol.exe; The first entry should be Zero if you want the program to be hidden, and 1 if you don't want it to be hidden. The second entry says what program to run. You can repeat this as many times as you have programs to run. Only the first line of baseball.txt will be used any further lines in the file will be ignored, this can be useful for disguising the file. Any thoughts or ideas would be welcome.
  20. So, theres the USB switchblade, the USB Hacksaw, and the USB chainsaw. So whats next the USB Atom Bomb, the USB Sarin Nerve gas, or the USB Chuck Norris? but, seriously, a potential solution, although not a good one, is to make a version that pops up a message box that lets lets the user(or should I say viewer) know what its doing as its doing it.
  21. Distributed rainbow table generation, sounds interesting. It would be cooler if the rainbow table itself were distributed, with lots of redundancy too. Maybe a small local rainbow table, if it can't be cracked there, then use the distributed one.
  22. I was forced to join myspace, my "friends" made me an account and emailed me the password. I figured that I at least owed it to the myspace community to accurately portray myself . Thats 21 years old, bodybuilder, likes to party, get drunk, and meet attractive women...(20% accuracy isn't bad, is it?)
  23. I have something here. It's a svg. You can create your own vector graphics using Inkscape.
  24. Have you tried disabling all the fancy features like anti-aliasing. I've seen anti-aliasing mess with the ATI card in my laptop in the same way.
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