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  1. I don't know what all commotion about spam, is for, I rather like it. On toasted wheat bread with lettuce, mmmm... thats some good food. As far as the unsolicited emails go, "I get no spam." I really don't mean to quote Dvorak, but I don't. I've only got 4 in the past month. I find, that most spam comes from those email that your mom/sisters/girlfriends sends you that are like: The catch is the "including the person who sent it to you." So that it will make it back to the spammer with everybodies names and emails. Using a little logic you could associate the two, and get really clever spam. :x
  2. I could see this working as a pickup line Thats how I see it going down, +/- a call for security guards, mace, and a black eye.
  3. I clarified the tutorial a little. What exactly are you having problems with?
  4. I accidentally deleted the first upload, and re-uploaded it sometime between the time you read that post and then replied to it. So it works now. I'll be over there in the corner awaiting my flogging for being a n00b, and not being able to use rapidshare. Edit: I finished the tutorial it's here.
  5. Well here's the final product I'll write a tutorial in the wiki later. You can download it here. When you unzip it put in the PortableAppsPortableAppsMenu directory.
  6. It's not much but its a start, and it would be a lot easier if I could just recompile, but can't seem to find the source for the menu.
  7. how about gaim it spell checks! http://gaim.sourceforge.net/. Although you need to install aspell for the windows versions.
  8. The reason the &action=edit is there is because those articles don't exist yet, but... now they do so i guess its fixed. Paul check Ashley check Frank check EDIT: the wikipedia staff didn't find frank to be "notable" so they deleted the page. EDIT again: They appearently took down paul's too. :(
  9. I don't think thats fake, Sony said that the Linux will be on the PS3 Hard drive and they said you could install any other OS you want as well. http://www.joystiq.com/2006/05/16/sony-to-...h-linux-on-ps3/
  10. <rant> In other words you want us to do your home work for you? Isn't the point of homework to learn? It you're not doing your homework, how are you supposed to make in the real world writing real programs? </rant> Alright I know you're new to programming, and it can be confusing sometimes. However the most important skill needed by a programmer is problem solving. You should be able to figure out the algorithm, it may be buggy, it may not be efficient, but you're learning all the way. Try breaking it[the problem] down into smaller pieces. Wikipedia has a lot of programming resources, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPN_calculator should get you started.
  11. You could get your own router and unplug his from the modem/wall, and replace it. Set the SSID and the WEP/WPA Key to the same as the old router, then hide the new router. He won't notice anythings unusual until he tries to login and then you can, with a little social engineering, lead him to believe that you 0wn3d his router.
  12. on which line is the error occurring? I haven't programmed in VB in a couple years, but aren't the sub procedures supposed to be in the class definition? *looks it up* yup they are, that may be your problem.
  13. Thats great K1u, Deleting the profile and reinstalling is the canned answer from the mozillazine forums. As it pretty much fixes any/all problems. As for the real problem, It could have been anything, broken extensions, broken profiles. Firefox is mostly xml, which was designed to robust against corruption. So if one or two bytes were bad the whole file wouldn't be broken. K1u be careful when reinstalling your extensions, make sure that Firefox still works after each install.
  14. It may be simply a profile corruption, seeing as its persisting across reinstalls. He already said he has the Load images option set.
  15. Have you tried to use safe mode? You may also may want to look into deleting your Firefox profile, Make sure to back up all your extensions and bookmarks first.
  16. What are you using for themes? I used UXTheme Multi Patcher from Neowin, and I don't remember having problems installing SP2, but just in case, try uninstalling it and then try installing sp2.
  17. You could try Songbird, its based on Firefox and looks really neat! http://www.songbirdnest.com/
  18. Blender's interface is pretty much a GUI for OpenGL with a few extra features like video/audio/image editing, animation, and procedural textures. There are some lesser weight apps like Wings3D http://www.wings3d.com/. But blender is by far the most powerful one out there.
  19. Things I would like to learn in a c++ class are how the compiler intrprets code. For example what does this actually do, and why: int a = 2; int b = 3; int c = a+++b; // yes thats supposed to be three +'s or why this doesn't work: something&lt;somthingelse&lt;int&gt;&gt; d; // no space between the &gt;'s Other things like the Preprocessor, Unions, and Bitwise operators would also be useful to learn. Thats all stuff I didn't ever learn in any of my CS classes because they were deemed usless. However I use them all the time, and they are esential tools to any good c++ programmer. Oh, and Creativity, too. It's one thing to look up an ADT in a book some where and implement it, but when you are implementing something new and different, having a creative mind can be very helpful.
  20. yes, but real h4x0rZ use C++, C, and ASM... all at once. Once you've learned how to program I suggest using C++ because its similar to C#, Java, etc. but the executables are faster and its just a more powerful language.
  21. You could use xslt to transform the rss into other files, this pdf describes the basics http://www.perfectxml.com/XSLFO.PDF you could use the AT command or a chron job to automate it.
  22. Maybe scp, or sftp. Once in you could create a page like this one http://www.php.net/source.php?url=/source.php. Then you can have access to the source of any page instantly.
  23. Ohhh... I thought it may have been a easter egg of Christmas past (I thought that metaphor would have worked out better). And I didn't want to get whacked for giving away that the edit cam was still in service. So, as the old saying goes "When in doubt, act like a raving lunatic and people will just back away slowly"
  24. maybe it has something to do with this post?
  25. Will it be on the next episode? :pirate: no one can be really sure, unless of course you were watching Darren edit the episode (because I have a sneaking suspicion that he is) But you would have to know Darren... to be at his place... to watch him edit... Arrrg! *coughlinkisinthesmilycough* *goes about his business acting like nothing happened*
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