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  1. There are no banned words on MSN. So that doesn't matter anyways.
  2. Dammit, I registered a domain on Wednesday I wish I saw this :(
  3. Freedom of speed does not exist on the internet.
  4. Does it have to be U3 one to boot from? I've tried it on another USB drive and it never worked and I wounder if that's why, but I don't remember reading anything saying that it had to be a U3.
  5. Muts has anounced a Artwork contest for back track 4. http://forums.remote-exploit.org/showthread.php?t=18435 Can't wait for Back track 4 :D I wasn't sure to put this in Everything else or here.
  6. Anyone done a HAL iPhone app? Damn I wish I could program.
  7. Seshan

    I got hacked!

    Find out if he's paying for internet or not...
  8. Yeah we have Novell at our school, I was on my friends account and "accidentally" sent a message to the whole school so everyone that was online got a pop up with the message. It was funny, but they banned his account.
  9. I bought one from the Fon site 3 weeks ago and it was the right one, but that was 3 weeks ago.
  10. Yeah I have it plugged in, put Ethernet in, unplug power, set up the files, plug it in and hit go, just like the instructions say.
  11. Can anyone see Myplace after doing number 10? I can't. I also can't get step 11 to work. It just says no packet for as long as I leave it.
  12. Okay did that now the program works. But I can't find the My Place connection anymore. So I connected the Fon to my computer and did step 11 but it has said no packet for the last 20 min. Did I do something wrong?
  13. Okay I redid 9 and 10 and they worked now I get a "The procedure entry point PacketGetReadEvent could not be located in the dynamic link library packet.dll." when I try to start up Freifunk Ap51 EasyFlash. I don't know what to do, google didn't come up with much. Grrr I was hoping this would be easy.
  14. I'm having trouble. root@OpenWrt:~# mtd -e "RedBoot config" write out.hex "RedBoot config" Couldn't open image file: out.hex! root@OpenWrt:~# mtd -e "RedBoot config" write out.hex "RedBoot config" Could not open mtd device: RedBoot config Can't open device for writing! I added the out.hex file after I did the first reboot, (not sure if that worked either). Can anyone help?
  15. Just got my Fon today, and it is tiny and light. And it's a 2100 I ordered it from the Fon site, and I'm in Canada. So if you want one just get it from the fon site. Took 2 weeks to get here...
  16. I think a pineapple would be less suspicious then some one sitting in public with a 19 year old gameboy :| :P
  17. Seshan

    defacing is lame

    There English fails, Which makes them look dumb. " We are [Terrorists Crew] Not any another hacker crew. Remember : Terrorists Crew had hacked your site in this day." "Every where and where we are there." WTF is that part suppose to mean?
  18. Yeah saw this before, Not much to say but WPA to got pawnd.
  19. I just ordered one on Monday I hope to get it next week. I'll let you guys know, But I am in Canada.
  20. If you buy from ebay or some one else it might have been connected to the internet. Witch makes it hard to do this whole project thing.
  21. I donated :D I have a thing about stickers tho... I don't like sticking them on stuff. But I love collecting them. :D
  22. Yeah I saw these after I order my Fon. :( cost me $40. Oh well, maybe it will come this week :D.
  23. Wow I didn't want to start a argument. I just want to say some things at DingleBerries. Not all schools are lucky to have libraries with thousands of books, And school is for doing work not siting at the computer doing nothing because some soccer moms on the school board don't want high school students seeing violence, And you are wrong on what publishers will publish, maybe you should go to a library your self :)
  24. Some school filters are really bad, Ours is bad. When I was trying to do research on the Holocaust 99% of the sites where blocked for "Violence" No kidding eh? We had to do out work at home. But isn't the point of school to do work there?
  25. The only problem with that is if some one downloads something illegal like child porn, it will look like it's you doing it, and will have to prove other wise.
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