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  1. You could just get a USB one there cheaper and still work.
  2. Yeah it's Saint Basil Cathedral in the Red Square, Moscow, RUSSIA, not Israel. May not seem like a big problem but when this course is suppose to teach you about places around the earth it is. I guess the people that made it just grabbed random pictures thinking we are too stupid to notice, but the second I saw it I knew where it was. They could of at least got a less recognizable picture to lie about. This isn't done by some small company this is done by a big school board here.
  3. Okay so like the title says I'm taking some online courses, This one thing is suppose to teach us what types of tourism there is, you have to drag a box from the side to below the picture then some text shows up describing the picture. Well here's the picture, E-cookie to who ever tells me whats wrong.
  4. I think it was more directed at the posts where people ask simple questions that a 3 seconds google search could tell you.
  5. They will sell like 5 then it will be on TPB.
  6. Yay! Some one that understands that freedom of speech does not exist on the internet. I hate when people think they have freedom of speech on the internet.
  7. What no J-bird fans? Come on!
  8. How to tell that some one is new to backtrack :) :P
  9. Seshan

    Red Alert!

    I got to get back into these games, I have all the original up to generals. ZOMG it comes to OS X in March, I will be buying it then :D
  10. Seshan

    I want to know

    One problem with win7 and gaming, punkbuster is not supported so some games that use that you will not be able to play online. I have not had a problem with steam games. But that is just for the beta, once the final release is out it will be fine.
  11. Some one on here was going to get one of those, I think it was Vector. I really want one, but probably never will get one :(
  12. The problem with houses is the roof, once the roof gets ripped off there's to much pressure inside and just destroys the house, if you can keep the roof on you would be fine.
  13. Yeah I get those stupid little bugs too, there annoying.
  14. Seshan

    COD 4 vs. COD 5

    One thing I do not like about CoD5 is that you can't get skins for you guns, so it makes it pointless to do head shots challenges. The dogs will also rape you bad. Tanks are hard to kill. BUT your body parts can get blown off so CoD5 FTW. They also added more ranks but just put in a bunch of crappy perks to make it feel like you are getting something, like shades witch is pointless.
  15. Seshan

    I want to know

    If you want some places to get parts in Canada: http://ncix.com/ http://www.tigerdirect.ca/ http://directcanada.com/ http://canadacomputers.com/ There's also http://www.newegg.ca/, but you don't really save any money with them. And shipping takes 2-3 times aslong as some of the others. Canada computers has a bunch of stores all over the place in Ontario.
  16. LOL ^^^ That reminds me of the video with the IT guy that changes the guys icons back to normal and he get's all mad :D
  17. Yeah I saw that before, I still do not under stand how it is single sided.
  18. Yeah so I'm pretty sure mine has not changed. I have a hard time finding backgrounds I like, plus I really like the one I have now.
  19. There is voice to text programe I use to use called dragon naturally speaking, it's probably a lot better then it was when I used it many years ago. It's not cheap.
  20. I don't own any puterz. This is obviously a joke, look at his name ;)
  21. Yeah Mountain biker/BMXer. I also have a stamp collection, not as big as my sticker, my grandpas stamp collection has some nice stuff from WW2 but my dad won't let me touch it. On a side note I tried to order some stickers from rev3 store, and they want $30 shipping to Canada, even tho $.72 on a envelop stuck in snail mail will do and I'd get it in 7 days.
  22. So I like to collect stuff. So here's my sticker collection, not the biggest one in the world, but it's probably over 150 stickers. As you can see I only have 3 hak5 stickers, I clearly need more. Post your collection!
  23. Gmail stickers, Dono if they have any left, I should of done it when it was first posted :( http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/get-...l-stickers.html
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