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  1. Haha I laughed for a while from that pic. Anyways... <-------- <3 Canada
  2. I payed $38 Canadian for 2 4gb sandisk curzers, shipped.
  3. Well rioting doesn't really do anything, now all those people's business that have been burnt down, now there's a bunch of people that are out of jobs and money, people's car's are destroyed and now they can't get to work, or take there kids places, really rioting is just pointless. You can get stuff with out rioting, recently here in Canada they where going to change the new drivers law so that anyone under 19 can only have 1 passenger under 19 at a time, people where pissed but they didn't go start a riot instead they started petitions, started facebook groups and guess what? They dropped the law, no one got hurt, no one lost money, no one's out of a job.
  4. It's odd that we never see riots like this is Canada or the US. I guess the governments, are actually doing something right. The picture with the mannequins burning is really creepy.
  5. It's controlled over wifi too, so it's not just buy a wifi camera and a $20 rc car. I've wanted one of these since before they where even available to buy, but I just don't have the money for one :(
  6. Haha, you know what you do, you type in boobs and click I'm feeling lucky, then send it to them XD
  7. Seshan

    USB U3 drives?

    I think U3 might be patented by Sandisk, So far I have looked at, Futureshop, wal-mart supercenter, bestbuy, and The Source (Radio shack), the only ones I could fine where Titanium. I was hoping to get just a couple a 2gb ones. I found that bestbuy online Canada has 1gb and 4gb for $10 and $15 I think I will just get two 4gb ones. Since that is the best price I have seen online, most place's want 2gb for $15, and then there's another $10-$15 shipping on them but bestbuys shipping is like $3
  8. Are the sandisk the only U3 drives there are? It's really hard to find the none titanium ones in stores around here. What other drives will work?
  9. That's a cool site, I'm looking at a bunch of big sites :D This will kill some hours. Googles traffice is dropping! The world is coming to a end!
  10. revision3 is selling some in there store.
  11. Gezz NY sounds like crap XD Even Toronto isn't that bad... yet...
  12. Google for some "undergound" hacking sites, and just follow there partner links, and before you know it you got tuns a sites with viruses. start here http://www.milw0rm.com/links/
  13. I don't have a working key, it's being used on another machine. Wouldn't 30 days before it locks you out count as a trial?
  14. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=11167
  15. No, if you use a key that's already taken on install it will give you a 30 trial.
  16. I have a old box that I want to install XP on so I can just mess with it. But I don't have a XP key, so I would just use the trial. I want to put steady state on it, and I'm wondering if anyone knows if when I restart it will it reset the trial days back to what it was before?
  17. Yeah, I would take legal action. Then use the money to start my own OS :D
  18. Yeah it's probably close to a 36 hour trip maybe longer, Takes about 3-4 days from Ontario to FL that's with stopping at night.
  19. Seems like it has built in memory, you will need to get a USB cable for it if you don't already have one.
  20. Just make sure you go to the Canadian side of the falls, it's bigger :)
  21. Oh, I guess you didn't hear, due the the economic crisis, Santa had to lay off 90% of his elf force and is forced to give out mass produced lead covered dollar store toys from china.
  22. I asked for 1tb LaCie external hard drive Some speakers that looked decent. DVD+R Fallout 3 That's all I could think of.
  23. Yeah that's the way they have been in bast versions too. You have to keep in mind that these will be going on many machines with all kinds of monitor sizes.
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