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  1. Hey guys: I won the 'Hackers are People Too' from trivia a few weeks (months??) ago. Just watched it and it was great! Wanted to give others the opportunity to watch it too. I'll send it to you if you are in the cont. US, just PayPal me $5.00 to cover shipping. PM/reply if interested.
  2. I'm going to buy L4D when I can find it on sale or it comes down in price. There just doesn't seem to be enough content to justify a $50 price tag.
  3. Not to be an ass in any way but it's LAN(Local Area Network) not land.
  4. mesartwell

    Unzip .r1

    Someones been venturing into Usenet land...
  5. Kind of shocking that Yahoo is #1 and Google is #2.
  6. You have got to run a benchmark for John the Ripper once this is operational!
  7. This would be a valuable trick. I can't remember how many times I had to wait for a user to unlock their workstation so I could work on it. Hell, half the time I just log in with admin account and lose whatever they were working on.
  8. Im confused: Are you asking for a good web host or a good web server?
  9. Anyone else upgraded to Ubuntu 8.10 and had trouble with the ustream vids at hakhouse.com? The two boxes show up and say 'found' but stay blank. I can't think of any other flash apps that don't work...
  10. Check this site out: http://www.obsessable.com/comparator/netbooks-compared/ Offers a side-by-side comparison of popular netbooks. Personally, I'll be waiting for the <$200 netbooks (and until I can find a way to break my current laptop.)
  11. http://www.overthewire.org/ This is a great site for programming/security challenges.
  12. Guys this exactly what I was thinking of! Like 3 status LEDs that would give the results of the ping. Think this could be a good segment?
  13. Is there anything like a thumb drive size tool that you can plug into network drops to test for connectivity to the Internet? Not like putting a tone on a line, which requires physical access the punch panel. After spending a ton of time yesterday lugging my laptop and a Ethernet cable around checking to see if drops were active, I came up with this idea...This has to already exist
  14. Dude that sounds sik. Please post the link if you come across it again. Can't like 80% of those consoles be emulated though? Cool but sorta impractical...
  15. Nice. I expected that IE would not be king among Hak5 community. What about OSes? Could Linux reign supreme??
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