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  1. I found out he hacked my modem and got another one from my provider. I'm not using the router anymore and protecting my mac addy. Thanks for all your replies! Case Closed.
  2. Thanks DingleBerries on am on ethernet now and will wait and see and of course for today keep reading :) Sorry Sablefoxx don't know anything about your story..just trying to learn about my own.
  3. My password is not the default, I have PC Tools for extra security, I have 2 laptops, one XP, one Vista, I have used Vistumbler 8.1 and noticed his mac address is the same as mine when I do ipcofig/all and when I am on my netgear page that ip mac address shows up under my puter name under attached devices. Can he have the same mac address as my network Atheros card? I did receive tons of logs whether some tend to believe or not at first all the time now I seem to get them when the last number of the router ip is the same as one of my laptops. I can tell you his apartment has 2 rooms full of puters. My IT guy from work has helped me to learn about my router and the security and I use wpa-psk and have changed my network name and password often. I have only allowed 2 ip's .2 to .3 for DHCP Server. The router doesn't have wpa2. I am thinking about investing in another router and wondering if that will help and what kind would be the best for security. The big thing that confuses me most is occasionally getting his logs. As far as hard wired(sorry don't know the term for it) he might have some cable wires in his apartment but don't know if you could hookup a modem and router to them or if they are live wires. My cable company hasn't been very helpful at all. I am still reading about all of this and want to thank everyone for their replies.
  4. Thanks you all are quite correct and I am hitting the web now to do some extensive reading.
  5. What is a rough mac connect?
  6. I have my router secured with WPA Security and have some of his sites blocked. I log my router to my email and when he has the same ip as me , I get his logs and I even have gotton a block from websites he has visited that I have blocked in my router setup. My netgear is WGR614v5. I am wondendering if my cable wires in the basement somehow are hooked up to the apartment and he has a modem router setup? If you need screen shots I can do that. I am trying to eliminate how he is hacking in whether it be through a modem that has the same mac address as me or through my router. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  7. Hi looking for some help. I have a cable modem, netgear router and a tenant who is stealing my internet. I get logs from time to time from my netgear router and it proves he has hacked me. I am just wondering how he has done it and how I can stop it. I have tried all the security measures in Netgear, SSid, access control on, dhcp off and etc... I would like to know if 1) He has my mac address and is using that to break in my router 2) He is hard wired possibly and has his owner router and modem (inlaw apt) Please help. Thanks
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