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  1. Ok so i've solved one problem, the router was being weird because I was using internet explorer. So I went back in and set it up, unfortunately my router isn't on the site, so i dont have a guide :( im almost sure im using the right area an im using the static ip I set up, it looks like everything should work but utorrent says it still won't work.
  2. ok so I thought it would be cool to get the electric sheep screen saver, so i download it and im told that it cannot connect and that I have to do some port forwarding(which I've never hassled with). So I make a static IP, log into my router and go to forward my port but after I but everything in my router says some BS... sometimes it says the name field isn't flled out, sometimes it tells me that the port im using, 6881 doesn't fall between 1 and 65535!!! its giving me errors about things that are in no way wrong!! im using a trendnet TEW-631BRP, a draft N. and now I'm very frustrated because I was so excited to set up some port forwarding... If anyone has any idea what it would be please help a poor newb....
  3. Thanks to all of you with helpful advice, I havn't desided yet which way ill go. And to you that are getting your panties in a bunch why dont you take a look at where you are, this is a hacking forum. The last couple episodes showed how to intercept peoples connections to get information. so please save your lectures for a place where people to listen. I dont mean to be harsh but I mean come on, the name is HAK5! and again thanks to the helpful constructive posts I appreciate the help. Btw the filter is blocking most of the sites i need to use and i have a job and sports so i kinda need the time in school to get my homework done.
  4. My school has a new internet filter that covers almost all proxies, and they have restricted installing any programs. it is a mac network and i dont have much experience with macs, does anyone know of anyways to get around this? the filter is, "8e6 R3000 Enterprise Filter" its a pretty tight system, anyone up for the challenge?
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