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  1. I wounder if it is actually her, if it is I LOL at her having to move.
  2. Man I was playing some hacker on xbox live, he was playing for atleast 5 hours today, wish I could use this against him D:
  3. Yeah but net books are horribly under powered and will stay that way until Microsoft lets OEMs put XP are more powerful computers.
  4. I use OS X. Game in windows, witch I hate having to boot into, I'm happy that EA is starting to put games out for OS X, with spore, The new red alert is coming next month and The Sims 3 will be on OS X, Finally a game developer that see's that there are not a couple thousand mac users, but millions. It will only get better in the future, and this is great for the Apple community.
  5. I fail to see the "hack" in this?
  6. What's wrong with torrents? there's lots of warez sites. Just use google.
  7. Yeah I would say that's what a food court is. We also call it a snack bar here to. It just really depends on who says it.
  8. metatron holy, what do you do that you need all that?
  9. Concession stand, like said food courts would be some like in a mall.
  10. I didn't get any temp tattoos and I just donated for a pack like two weeks ago :( I guess I'll have to stick stickers on my rabbit instead :D
  11. The only reason this is happening is because of pressure from the stupid american company's that are suing them on the Swedish Government.
  12. sorry for double post, Don't even know how it happened :S
  13. Yeah I've been following it since day 1, I think it suppose to go for 9 more days or something.
  14. There stupid because they want to hire people that can sell stuff not people that know what there doing, they rather train some one to repair computers then to sell stuff. Most none hardware stuff I done by there Geek Squad MRI, google it,
  15. Well in the video you can clearly see that the camera is not even connected to anything, it's stuck to the transformer. In all the crap that I have taken apart I have never seen another part stuck to another part is something like that.
  16. If they where going to do something like that, I don't think it would be a on all the time thing, it would be like "we need to stalk this guy activate the stalker cam in his digital tv box"
  17. zomg a conspiracy!!!!!!! How come the part of the front part in front of the camera was not a lighter colour like it was in front of the IR sensor? P.S it's fake.
  18. Wow that seems awesome I signed up.
  19. Notebook on lap = You should be going to jail for murder :P
  20. Darren posted his hakpack to flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/darrenkitchen...in/photostream/
  21. Ahh yeah outline, that's how forums use to be :D Kinda sorta :\
  22. You can get USB ones with antenna jacks. I have one. There more common then express cards because the express cards are often a lot more expensive.
  23. LOL some one at my work set IE homes page to that rickroll site with the pop ups at work and they didn't know what to do so they left it there running for hours with no volume, it was funny.
  24. Seshan

    Lanschool v7.2

    Some times the restrictions are just to much tho, our school had a vary bad website blocker, It almost made it impossible to do research for history because 90% of websites where blocked for "Violence" witch was completely stupid, it was easy to get by by downloading a proxy program, by the end of the same year they put it in almost everyone had this program and was getting past it. We actually had teachers downloading and using the program because it was so bad even they where restricted just as bad as us.
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