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  1. You could always get the geek squad MRI disk. ;)
  2. I guess we assumed from the tittle of the thread "iphone application" it was going to be a application for the app store. That's why we were saying you can't because on a none jailbroken iphone it CAN'T happen.
  3. This is stupid I know, I was thinking for a good 10 min once on how the band width providers would connect to the internet, thinking that the internet was some ball of stuff. A good 10 min, then I was like "OMFG wires" and it ended there. Really the internet is just like your home network, but just BIGGER.
  4. Won't work, you can't have a app running in the background, so it won't be able to beep at you.
  5. Did you set it to boot from CD?
  6. I try and clean area once a week just because I will run out of dishes if I don't.
  7. I guess you could do that, or you know just get a beta key for free from the Microsoft site :| Also, with out windows being activated you can't download anything from the Microsoft site.
  8. I'm interested in what you mean by security apps. I just got a iPod touch on friday :D Also, Mic apps *will* work if you get the microphone headset from Apple. Most app that can work on both, the developer will allow it for both more money that way.
  9. It's like the time I tried getting my parents to us Ubuntu because Windows was being gey. My dad didn't care because he could still get to his porn sites, but my mom hated it, partly because she doesn't know a lot about computer, like she thought she needed the Nikon software to get the pictures off the camera, Witch you don't, So I showed her how to do that. Then I showed her Gimp, She thought it was crap just because it didn't look all fancy and shit. Then open office... Oh open office. She was freaking out because it didn't have all the fonts Microsoft word has. I tried to explain to her why, but it was hopeless. I could go on for ever but I don't feel like it. If it wasn't for me she would of been lost. But If I gave her windows she would be fine because everything she has is meant for windows.
  10. @Foo It's a 24 inch, the angle makes it look gigantic compared to the MBP.
  11. Hmmm. Drop out of school.... Spend $200 to fix your computer.... Drop out of school.... Spend $200 to fix your computer.... Witch would you pick?
  12. What! that's horrible! I will just drive my car to the library instead!
  13. Touch what? iPod? It has bluetooth? Probably most of us here no what they can do with cells, but I have nothing to hide from so I'm not worried.
  14. Some people are not lucky enough to live in the US where they can get smart phones for a reasonable price. I will probably be buying a iPod touch nextweekend. I would love to get a iphone, But I will not pay the prices here. Here's a iPhone plan for rogers. + 3 year contract.
  15. I didn't see him, I was to busy staring at the stupid looking thing stuck to the guys head.
  16. OMG I hate that I have to burn it to freaking DVD, that's just stupid! Just wanted to fit in you know? I want to play around with 7 but I have nothing to install it on :( my MBP's hard drive is full :(
  17. Keys wont be up for another 30 min, refresh the windows 7 page then. You still need a key for it to work after 30 days.
  18. Mines pretty damn boring. I would post my other desk top but it's even more boring :|
  19. Just note there are side quests, I didn't know that since I don't play games like this often, so I ended up finishing the game at level 13. :(
  20. http://hak5.org/forums/index.php?showforum=4 :D I'd have to agree with some of what has been said, I have been fast forwarding episodes to see if there is anything that interest me and lately there's been less that does :(
  21. Man if I had netflix in Canada I would probably only Pirate new movies not on DVD yet and Music. But we don't have netflix so I'm stuck pirating everything.
  22. That ebay cam is crap, I bought a night vision one to fool around with and it sucks. If you are going to run some kind of cam over USB you can get USB to Ethernet cable adapters http://carapelli.trustpass.alibaba.com/pro..._Connector.html
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