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  1. I'm sure there is copyright that would not allow that legally. But I'm sure it will pop up on the internet somewhere.
  2. Please, Please, Please anyone that reads this stop bothering Mubix with sales issues. This:
  3. I can type in my complex 45+ character complex passwords while drunk. Having your password in a plain text file on a USB device is just all around bad idea. With that, it's my understanding that duck script does not support 3 keys like that. You may have to do some bash magic to have it work on BB. But again, it's a bad idea to start with.
  4. Locked.
  5. Another bogus product.
  6. If you wanted just numbers appended. root@kali:~# crunch 12 12 -o START -b 200mb -t 2511%%%%%%%% Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 1300000000 bytes 1239 MB 1 GB 0 TB 0 PB Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 100000000
  7. I figured it out using the examples in the manual and assuming you wanted to use all alpha-numeric, special characters to append to 2511. Do you have 76 PB of storage to hold the list? root@kali:~# crunch 12 12 -o START -b 200mb -f /usr/share/crunch/charset.lst mixalpha-numeric-all-space -t 2511@@@@@@@@ Crunch will now generate the following amount of data: 86244656067578125 bytes 82249313418 MB 80321595 GB 78439 TB 76 PB Crunch will now generate the following number of lines: 6634204312890625
  8. Have you checked the man page for all the examples in there? man crunch
  9. This, but replace dd with dd_rescue. It uses a variable block size and will get done faster.
  10. ys1

    Pretty cool, I used a pre-made plastic case for USB Drive that it was designed to fit. Just had to cut a hole for the antenna with a round file. Enclosure Options YARD Stick One ships without an enclosure. It is designed to fit 3A-260906U from New Age Enclosures, but you will need to drill a hole for the SMA connector. Another good option to protect YARD Stick One is 5/8" clear heat shrink tubing. via: Pretty sure it fits the Ubertooth One as well.
  11. I think it may be because they dove head first into the corporate end of site surveying, inspections, etc. They used to be more hobbyist.
  12. I'd suggest finding someone with a Cellebrite UFED/4PC. Maybe local PD if they would be willing to let you use it. It automates the process of backing up the original recovery partition, flashing the custom one, and replacing with the original after extraction.
  13. I just saw a HUGE price drop in 3DR Solo. It used to be ~$1300 and now it is ~$300. It does not come with the gimbal or GoPro (camera).
  14. If you don't backup and replace your original recovery partition, the phone will no longer be able to get OTA updates.
  15. Unlock codes vary depending on manufacture. Especially with the lockout times and so on. You may need someone with cellular forensics to take a look. If you can find someone with a Cellebrite UFED or Cellebrite 4PC, they may be able to bypass the pin lock. Otherwise your options are possibly JTAG, which will semi-take apart your phone, hook it up to a firmware flasher box, and pull the storage data off that way. The next option would be either Direct eMMC (similar to JTAG but connects to the chip directly) or chip-off (physically removes the storage chip to read externally).