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most proud and embarrasing scores


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whats your proudest score and your most embarrassing score?

personally mine is on the genesis

in sonic the hedgehog 2.

this score is for both.

first level beat in 26 seconds flat

why its what it is

im proud because i beat the first level in under 30 seconds.

im embarrassed because i spent an entire day playing that level and hitting reset over and over all day long to get that score. highest time was about 55 seconds.

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Mines slightly in btwn, playing GH3 against a mate who thought he was the best at it, i had only played it a few times before.

3/4 of the way through Knights of Ceridona, i was almost double his score, to the point of were he swang the guitar at my head knocking me out cold, needless to say, he won.

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I was the winner of a Gun Game Turbo match for 3 rounds. Other than that, Im doing a crazy speed run in WoW right now. I have a little under two days of play time (I spent a good 6-7 hours farming for mad lewt with a buddy) and Im at level 30. For non-WoW players, the fastest speed run to level 70 is about 5 days of play time.

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I beat my highest score on Tetris DS... over 1000 lines (it quits counting them) with over 1 billions points...

Also kicked ass on Audiosurf- all of Pronobozo's music. Oktella (or somethin like that) and I keep fighting over 1st place.

Worst... I have lots of bad scores, but I tend to push those away. Once I got killed in LORD BBS by a wild bear. Bullshit. :P

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resident evil: umbrella chronicles. fucking rocks


and finishing metal slug in the arcade on 50cents (one game)



holy shit lol. pure luck

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