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  1. Hey guys, Is there a log on a computer (Windows Vista specifically) which can tell me historically the IP addresses of wifi hotspots that have been accessed? This was asked by a friend of mine an piqued my interest somewhat, but I can seem to find any references - I keep getting offered to buy various routers when I use search engines!
  2. The Esqulax has had to drop out aswell :( Got a new job oop north.. well midlands.. and moving up over that weekend
  3. yeah, catch me if you can is a fantastic social engineering film. You know that guy wrote a couple of books after Search for Frank W Abagnale. one is caleed "the art of the Steal" the other is "stealing your life" theyre both written as a "how to stop being a victim of fraud" but theyre interesting reads nonetheless
  4. Necro-ing.... I just finished watching The Shawshank Redemption - one of my favorite films ever... from watching it in detail, there is a form of hacking in it. Dufrane created this "phantom person" to launder all the dodgy money, because (quote) "he knew where the cracks were" Also, right at the end, social engineering when in the bank. Its a fairly subtle reference, but as its a great film i thought it'd be worth a mention
  5. Well, once you make an honest Fon out of it :P Its only tiny, so ill throw it in the bag.. could be fun
  6. I have a virgin Fon, which i can leave untouched until the meet if need be :)
  7. All good in the hood for whenever with the Esqulax. Would be cool to hit up some 2600ers aswell.
  8. Ok, Mini update! Installed BackTrack 4 beta off an SD Card. for people who dont know.. this is how i did it: -Download BT4-Beta.iso -Open in Poweriso or winrar or something -Copy the boot and BT4 folders onto the SD card -Pour a rum and coke as this takes about 3 mins -On the SD Card open the boot folder and run the installer.bat file, this makes the SD card bootable - pop the card into the onboard slot on the Advent 4211 and boot (or MSI wind) -Spam the f11 key and select "generic multi-card" -start up as normal while sipping rum (Cpt. Morgans, chosen by moonlit) :) No need for a special VESA mode like BT3! the mouse wasnt working or the wifi card, but alt-f2 opens the run dialog, and konsole.. well guess what that does! i plugged into the ethernet and apt-get update mouse works! /etc/init.d/networking start Boom! Making sure the wireless is enabled on the hardware... fn-f11! Got signal, and everything, cant connect to websites at the mo.. #hak5 reckon it might be DNS issues. Me n Capt. Morgan will work it out!
  9. Th old one was RTL8187SE, so Realtek. Still got that somewhere aswell
  10. http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/USB_Hacksaw There it is.
  11. I was one of those planet fallers :( Theres a hak5 wiki action group that crashanddie started, and we kicked serious arse for a couple of months, ive been meaning to update the Episodes, just not managed to get round to it! But hey, the point of a wiki is a shared base of knowledge! pretty much all of the locked pages, or ones that are left blank, and locked, are the pages that the spammers where targeting, if anyone wants them unlocked, just sling me a PM, or catch me/crashanddie/snubs/famicoman or one of the ops (i think most of them have wikiadmi) on IRC although now that im back, ill try and get back on top of it
  12. Im quite impressed... i thought this thread would have degenerated into an OS war :P At the moment, im running XP on my main machine, Leopard on the macbookpro and BT3/Ubuntu on the netbook. Same as moonlit, i like to stay unbiased. I've not really had any troubles with any of them to be honest, just the usual BSOD's on XP when messing about with drivers n stuff.. nothing that wasnt MY fault. I ent had a go on Windows 7 as of yet, but im sure i will at some point!
  13. Dunno about you, but thats pretty much how i sit at my desk. its good for my back...
  14. R4DS works well for me whaen i want to run... homebrew... games. Tell you what though, Professor Layton and the Curious village was great... silly storyline, but its pretty much just a hundred or so puzzles (word, Math n logic) Its good to get the 'ol wheels turning
  15. Pop me down for it :) Im south west, so anywhere is freaking miles for me :P normally when i hit london, i stay at St Christophers inn.. the one with the belushis bar next to it.. its an awesome hostel, and pretty cheap aswell. I was loving the idea of camping, cos.. well thats my thing :)
  16. Now, i was in IRC a little while ago, and people were talking about how to make their la Fon inconspicuous (sic). now my mind works a bit differently. If i see a fellow walking down the street with an eyemask, stripey jumper and a bag marked SHWAG, i'd immediatly think "Woah a student dressed as a robber!" wouldnt cross my mind that he was an ACTUAL robber, because of the sheer blatent-ness of it. My lappy with a new wireless card, needed a box.. something low-key that I could senakily examine network vulneribilities. So i bought a box from my local army surplus store Cut up some padding...(Oh.. i also sprayed the lappy bright yellow... so's not to be TOO noticable) and installed BT3 :) Alls i gotta do now, is get the touchpad workingin BT3, then put the lefon in the box aswell :)
  17. A while back, i bought an Advent 4211 - Basically a re-branded MSI Wind. Its portable, and powerful enough for what I'll use it for, so i thought i'd play with it a bit :) First thing first, i threw ubuntu on there, installed from USB, and found the on-board wifi card was crap and diddnt support monitor mode. What would you do? Zactly... I bought a new wireless card twas a Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG, cost about £11 ($20ish) Pretty straightforward installation, but ill put pix up for people anyways (Mobile phone quality)... Ok, take out the battery, and undo the screws. On some models, one of the screws is hidden beneath a label, on mine it wasnt, but your looking to take out 9 screws in total (3 on left, 3 along top, 2 in middle, and 1 on bottom right corner) assuming the lappy is orientated as in the following pic. now the cover is off, you can see all the gubbins within. The wireless card is on the right, next to the Hard Drive. there is a single screw holding it in on the bottom left corner of the card. Note that if you want to remove the HDD, you must remove this screw/card to find another screw underneath. it should pop up slightly, so pull it out Here is the old wireless card, with the black n grey/white wires attached to it. unplug the wires... and plug 'em into the new card, in this case the Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG, there is useful arrows indicating where the appropriate colour wire goes. Handy :) Pop it in the hole that the old one came out of, now it might be a bit of a squeeze with the cables for the antenna etc, because of the positioning of the connectors on the card, but with some creative cable-stuffing it'll fit snugly.. just make sure no cable is spilling over into the battery compartment, cos you dont wanna accidently cut it when replacing the cover! Pop the cover back on, 9 screws, Done. flip her over, turn her on! ;) Make sure the wireless is on (fn+f11), and well.. Ubuntu has automatic drivers for it :) Theyre going to be changed for the ipwraw or madwifi drivers to solve some "monitor mode" issues.
  18. not as geeky, but there is a very active "geocaching"community. People hide stuff in water proof boxes and other people go find it.. based on clues, and GPS co-ords. its popular with ramblers and 4x4 drivers. i think the tomb raider movie did something similar when it was released and his a car in a container somewhere.. Back to geekology.. Im curently sorting my kit out. I have my Advent 4211 (MSI Wind) with ubuntu, but im trying to get BT to run from an SDcard, a le Fonera router that has yet to be cracked, and a Landrover :)
  19. To be fair, if your goign to be cracking a lot of passwords, it would be worth getting hold of some rainbow tables. dictionary attacks are always going to be long winded, unless you have a password of 'aa'
  20. Personally, i go Kayaking every now and again, s'fun, but annoying, cos a kayaking trip is like a whole day, so not something that can be done before/after work.. getting the boats on the car etc. I also do Ninjutsu twice a week. Its fun, painful and productive :) and a lot of the people there are geeks aswell. although there are a couple of annoying "I ist leeter than thou" nooblets there. Classic quote: "ill bet my sub is bigger than yours" "I dont really care, my setup suits me fine" "yeah but my sub is about the same height as me!" "Ok, i admit it, your e-penis is bigger than mine" Idiot went bright red, and much laugher was had by everyone
  21. Thought id throw this into the pot http://www.gamesindustry.biz/careerfair Tickets are £5 and goes to a charity. If you want to get into the games industry heres a chance. Theres also other stuff happening at it, which should equate to a pretty cool day out! Im undecided as to which day i'll be going, but if anyone else fancies heading down, it would be cool to put some faces to names!
  22. @ stingwray: In PC World, the Advent 4211 == a Rebadged MSI Wind, and is about £250 ish. And i love it! @ Hyptix: i got this: Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG beacuse it worked with ubuntu as is. and has limited monitor mode (i say limited, i havnt been able to sort it properly as of yet) If your after an atheros, have a look at GN-WI01GT, although i dont know about monitor mode on it. Fitting it is really straightforward,, if you want me to post a quick tutorial, just say the word ;)
  23. http://wiki.hak5.org/wiki/BBS_Setup ;)
  24. nothing stopping you setting up an unofficial online get-together ;) HakPack Online :)
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