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  1. I wouldn't go so much as to say FF is crap but I will say that it has going down hill. I've recently moved to Chrome and needless to say, it's quite awesome. However, I cannot leave FF 100% until they release more decent extensions to Chrome. Right now, I'm stuck in the middle. FF really needs to step up its game.
  2. Of course, these are the resources : 1] Rainmeter: ChaeChae [Gothic Century] - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33771027@N08/3350346757/ 2] Winamp: Exceed - http://www.customize.org/winamp2/skins/40296 3] Rocketdock: Reflections Vol. I-IV Icons - http://styrizo.deviantart.com/art/Reflections-DOCK-63898044 4] Visual Style: Kiilki VS for 7 - http://nittiyh.deviantart.com/art/Kiilki-VS-for-7-142338453 5] Music Lyrics: Minilyrics (Century Gothic - 11 px) - http://www.crintsoft.com/ 6] Wallpaper: Modified Sandwich Wallpaper - http://customize.org/wallpapers/55290
  3. Great to hear you're doing better! Can't wait to see you back in full action. Take it easy man.
  4. Something new to hit the seasons :)
  5. Yep :] Rainmeter: ChaeChae [Gothic Century] - http://www.flickr.com/photos/33771027@N08/3350346757/ Winamp: Exceed - http://nylons.deviantart.com/art/Exeed-Win...lassic-19353700 Rocketdock: Mnml Icons - http://brsev.deviantart.com/art/Mnml-Icon-Set-106367676 Folders: White Elegance - <Forgot where I got these :( > Visual Style: NV3 Final - http://invaderjohn.deviantart.com/art/NV3-...-final-90172879 Music Lyrics: Minilyrics (VTT Visitor Font - 8 px) - http://www.crintsoft.com/ As for the desktop, it's my own personal one :P. My friend made the drawing and I kinda just slapped it together. If you want it though, I can upload it but I need to ask him first heh.
  6. @ VickiWong that last wallpaper is just crazy. Love it.
  7. Solder is hella fun to mess with. It's just so cool when you melt it and roll the globs around with the pen. Too bad it's not the same as mercury :(. Show some pics of your first soldering project.
  8. So when's everyone coming online today? I was here this morning but there was only like 4-5 players lol. :(. No one showed..
  9. Main Rig: Craptop :( :
  10. Whipped this up a while in PS but only started using it for my main desktop. I think it looks pretty decent with the addons but I'm probably going to make a new setup one this month.
  11. Oh man, I remember seeing this the other day live. It was great xD. She must be really brave to sing Happy B-Day to Matt in front of a 90+ Audience live.
  12. Now go make one and celebrate :). Happy B-day!
  13. chA1nBull3t


    So what does everyone think of this game (so far)? I personally love it. Expert mode can get quite hectic at times but all in all, the gameplay is pretty fair and really does enforce using coop methods of completing a game. Obviously it isn't out yet but for those who've preordered it are able to play the first chapter as a demo. This game is kick ass . We have to get some games going sometime. Lets try to add each other so we can hook each other up on a couple games. Steam ID: 3339 Add meh >:D. List your steam id's. Hopefully we can compile a list.
  14. The N64 was one of the best game systems.. EVER. Oh the memories @.@'... Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Star Fox.. omg. It sucks that many of the games nowadays aren't as memorable as these.
  15. Don't even try >>'. I got adblock on my FF which blocks a huge list of Rick Roll URL's .
  16. I'm hitting my 16th B-day HARD. Most of you don't know this about me but I happen to be a triplet :D. My bro, sis and I are going to turn our basement into a dance room for our party since it was just recently redone and we have soo much room now. I need some ideas on any good dance music/artists. I already bought a Basshunter CD which my friend suggested to me as well as a Top100 Vol.3 Techno disc. Anyone got some suggestions on who I should look for? Thanks .
  17. That would be sick but ridiculously expensive ><'. 10,000rpm tho is hella fast so if your all out on gaming, Raptors aren't bad.
  18. Oh gawd I remember Ringu made me shat bricks. ><'... Most of the original Japanese horror movies are usually better.
  19. RUSSELL PETERS HANDS DOWN! :o http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24Ryj1ywoqw He's more funny if your not an American. You'll see what I mean ^.
  20. Really?! .... I gotta get a social life then . 5 hours a day is really unhealthy.
  21. I actually added to to my FF a little more than 2 weeks ago and I have around 69 hours ><'...I got to get get off my PC more. (but then again, most of the time I leave my FF on afk).
  22. Holy cow how much did yo donate?!
  23. Oh boy. I remember when I was addicted to this lol. This would make another good LAN segment. Only thing is that those with low end PC's might struggle to run this a bit. The singleplayer games were also quite amazing. The atmosphere is great too. However, all the games are quite similar though.. but they're still great. FEAR 2 coming out is running off a new engine and looks A LOT nicer. This will hopefully change up the repetitiveness.
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