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  1. Hi there n57 i was i was freaking googling this for days. I got a modem of my own and its netlocked. I believe that if i can reload the whole operating system to fresh then i would obviously get the netlock off. Have you gotten this to work yet? I dont want to send it back to idirect because it will cost me too much to ship it there. Any ideas?
  2. shido


    AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA damnit this thread made me laugh...look how this dude brought attention haha
  3. shido

    no music

    damn man sorry man maybe you should just mess around with different settings under the sound options
  4. Well yes it works on wine but damn i dont wanna spend money on this thing when im just gona use it once. It got a limit of 350 mb iso's so isnt there a program similar to this for linux??
  5. lol sorry its just me not liking the program, especially when it comes to irc. I just dont like that program, but thats just me. Im sure it works perfect for you :D
  6. well i wrote it in may sometime or april lol i have my certificate here on the wall in front of me i dont know if that date is to say when i wrote or when it was issued. Anyways, no they dont ask you all those older Q's, they ask basic things in the A+ book, if you read any A+ im sure youll be able to pass. Its easy i didnt even study lol. as for the q of where to take it, i wouldnt know since seeing im not in your coutry, but the testing center i took it at was a prometric testing center
  7. wow lotsa ideas spawning off mine lol so i take it it was a good idea :D
  8. shido

    no music

    sometimes on ubuntu you may have sound issues when leaving a browser open and when you try to play music it doesnt work, the reason i mention this is because i had that problem, anyways i dont know if ubuntu studio has the same paths to certain things but this is how i fixed my problem in ubuntu 1)Click system>preferences> and click sound 2) In sound set all the options to alsa 3) under default mixer tracks set the device to analog devices (oss mixer) ***For option 3 you might wanna mess around to see which device works perfect for you, because i notice with some you dont get the option to control volume correctly, well this is true for my settings because when i try to change volume on my laptop speakers then it doesnt work. So like i said just check which device option works best for you***
  9. Thanx acer5050 just what i was looking for :D but now ill have boot into windows to use it lol can it work on wine?
  10. lol viki why do u use pidgin?
  11. Well i used to use amarok but for some reason it gave some naming problems so i gave up on it and tried something else, now i use Rhytmbox and i love it. Maybe you should give it a try
  12. shido

    Linux top 5

    i really dont mean to sound like an ass but if you going to make a post like you did then id suggest you look at the distros that people mentioned, since seeing you said you read many posts. Take those distros and go to the wiki of the different ditros so you know exactly what its about. You can try distrowatch.com then youll see the tope 5 or top hoever much you want lol then on the right it should say if hits went up or down then again you google it to see why
  13. umm i just thought id ask but i dunno if i should post it there, just now some people get upset for posting twice lol
  14. Before you people go on saying just google it, for some reason, i cant view any other site except deviantart and hak5 well ok anyways thats besides the point and ill fix the issue tomorrow. Moving on, is there any way i can put more then one os on a cd and just choose which to install? The reason i ask is because i got tinyme,dsl,puppy and geexbox, so i dont see why i should waste so many cd's and besides that its so inconvenient to have so many cds. So is there any way i can put all on one cd, and have like a menu or something to choose from which one i want to install? Note i say install i dont just want whole bunch of os on a cd that are live, i need to be able to install them too from the cd
  15. fedora and i didnt know anything about linux so i switched back to windows lol but im downloading fedora 10 as we speak :) oh and ubuntustudio and mint :D
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