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80s music rock

Darren Kitchen

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Ok, I should not perpetuate this thread, but if someone's actually going to list the Doors, I've got to add the following *actual* '80s music:

R.E.M. (but only the stuff where you can't understand what Stipe is saying)

The Call

The Beat Farmers (yes, the Beat Farmers. Country Dick Montana lives!)

The Smithereens


The Clash

Yaz (but not Erasure)

Notice I did NOT include The Smiths, because Morrisey didn't really happen.

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Iron Maiden.

Thin Lizzy.

Gary Moore.

Metal Church.


Suicidal Tendencies.

When growing up, I started to lean towards the 'harder' music with Gary Moore's Wild Frontier album. Most people know him from his blues stuff, but Wild Frontier was mostly up-tempo guitar rock. From there I went on to liking Manowar. Nowadays I think they're a bunch of lame posers, and their music is too slow for me, but back then it was pretty much a natural progression.

Next up was Iron Maiden, who back then pretty much ruled the roost. After that someone let me listen to Sepultura and Metal Church, and I was hooked.

Of the listed bands, only Sepultura, Suicidal Tendencies and Gary Moore still occasionally find their way onto my playlist.

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I grew up with a professional ballroom dance instructor / mother. Music around the house in the 80s was mainly dance & pop. It's one of those things that grows on you from childhood so I can't be blamed for the old Madonna or Duran Duran in my playlists.

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Being a chilld of the 80s I am not only deaf but I loves me some 80s music. I can't stay away from hair band music. I just love it. Stuff like Poison, Guns & Roses, Enuff z Nuff, Ratt, pre suck ass Metalica, Megadeath, you get the picture.

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I'm actually going to see Guns N Roses (well, actually Axl and his newfound friends) perform on Graspop. In fact, they're gonna HEADLINE it. After 10 years of nothing, that's either quite a feat, or someone destined to go down in flames REALLY hard.

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I hope that Axel Rose and the remaining members of Metalica slide under a gas truck and taste their own blood. I like GnR's music but I think that Rose is a no tallent ass hat.

I would like to hear how you think they sound, the last time I heard him live it sounded like someone was skining a live cat.

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