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PandoraRip - copy, tag, organize, download album art


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Try using VLC... its free, and it seems to have lots of goodies that other media players dont have, but it isnt the best looking....


Yes you can say that it DOES NOT work with the NEWEST version of FF

YOU NEED VERSION 3.0.1 (or maybe 3.0.2?) if you look back a page or two we've already gone over all of this you will find some links....

I will say that i have noticed it seems that pandorarip freezes and next time it starts up it copies a but load of songs... i have also gotten a few songs that don't play the file size is less then 1MB... kinda annoying but it gets most of them

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Hi everyone!

I used to have the software with me but I reinstall my laptop and lost the software. Can someone send me back the executable? Because the link that found here is dead.

Thanks a lot!

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