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  1. Am I correct in saying that this will no longer work with the latest version of FF with flash 8?
  2. From my understanding none of the pandora rippers on this site can get anyhting working with flash 9 because of the way it does the cache or something look around on the site and it will tell you somewhere. Tho I was thinking about since it can get uncached ones it might be able to work in nine, but i have no idea how that works exactly so... But to solve you problem look at the readme http://www.geopacket.com/PandoraRip/readme.txt Follow those steps and it should work in FF3.1 (Im using it too) but if Vista is the problem them i cant help you.
  3. Thats definitely true! Um the uncached doesnt seem to be solving my problem. It did like 5 songs then didnt do the next 5 then I closed it.
  4. Cool, but why doesnt it just enable that as default then? Why wouldnt you want that? Oh and I am using the latest one I downloaded a new one yesterday and flah switched to 8.24 or something. I also have the problem where it creats a desktop folder and when I delete it the next time I use pandora it still says its saving in the folder I made but starts dnloading to the desktop. Nice app tho!!!!
  5. Ok I wasnt sure what it did so I didnt want to use it, what does it do? Cuz if it isnt in temp you cnat copy it can you? The debug log just said it was monitoring. Also sometimes it doesnt do anything it monitors but doesnt grab or anything maybe the uncached will help Ill try it. Thanks.
  6. This program works great except for the fact that it sometimes skips a lot of songs.
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