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EU-Meetup: Age?


Age Limit?  

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    • 18+
    • 16+
    • No Limit

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how would oyu fit 500 people into one bar then get them to move to another..?

ahh im to tired to try to get yousense to think

Peace out , night!

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whatever the local drinking age is. if we can make it we'll want to drink

Sounds reasonable... any objections?

yeah well i supose theres nothing i can do .. so have a nice night lads!

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Yeah, I just don't wanna end up being responsible for anything that might happen along the way... I saw we sign responsability waivers... then it's fine.

Edit: I didn't account for maturity issues in that calculation, so I'll just leave it open... whatever the mass opinion is... We obviously need to work this part out before we know what we'll need in terms of a venue/stuff to do so it'll have to be agreed soon.

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The problem with that is if <18s turn up without parents or whatever, what do we do when we go to the pub... leave 'em?

Basically, yeah. As long as you clearly state up front that, say, after dinner we're going to go pubbing, and anybody under $DRINKING_AGE should either call it a night, or find something else to do.

I'm not voting for an age limit because I'd like to think we've got plans for the afternoon aswell, during which time anybody able to make it should be welcome.

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Alright, how about this...

Anyone's welcome providing they fully understand that we (the organising parties and attendees) will notat any time be responsible for their belongings, their health, their travel, their whereabouts or permission (or lack of) to attend.

Should a complication arise no-one organising or attending this will be held responsible for anyone classed as a minor in the country hosting the event(s) unless otherwise legally arranged. Alcohol will *not* be purchased for those under the legal age of purchase under any circumstances and if any minor obtains their own alcohol at any point during the meet then no attendee shall be responsible for the consequence(s). Any part of the meeting which requires a venue which will/may refuse entrance to those classed as minors will be exclusively open to those who meet the criteria for entering the premises.

These conditions are not exhaustive and may be modified or extended at any time without prior warning.

Any good?

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