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This pic's about a year old. Its been repainted pearlescent black fading to blue and a body kit added as of late.

Only thing I'm missing right now is a mount for my laptop and a permanent fixture for my wifi antenna to make war driving oh so easier. Can't find the one right for me though so I might have to custom make one.

Looking for one that can lock into position where I can access it easily or can unlock and swivel over so the passenger can use it or make sure netstumbler and the usb gps device are actually getting along lol.


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...then u wake up.. :lol:

Um, no serious. Watch episode 1. Ok, dont actually watch it, it's really really bad, but just see the first segment.

my bad :oops:

its a nice bike :P and ep 1 is cool darren :P i love the game cube mod heheh

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