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Too many WiFi Adapters!!


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Yeah you, how many do you have laying around "Just in case" lol

I just got my 6th one today, now that is working ones being used, not in a lifetime, jeez... all TPLINK WN722N, no you can't click that and I am not making a dime! All I really ever used except an Alpha, and when I say used I mean works with Kali. I had many more before I realized that was the issue I was having.

Main Desktop - 2, one for winders and one for vmplayer

Pineapple nano - 1

Raspberry pi 3 B+ - 2

The one I got today is for the PI 4 I am ordering. Can't seem to find the 4GB model for a real good price.

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On 9/28/2019 at 12:46 PM, nikmel420 said:

Do I win? Probably 20 more of the 5 buck ones from hak5.and at least one more unopened tplink


you win for sure

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I have maybe 5 less. But rrgredabli no hackrf. I dont have a yagi but a satelite dish type. Couple tv tuner attenas. For my scanner. And a wifi robber wich is  a wifi extender/cracker/antenna combo

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well theres an ubertooth a yardstick1 a hackrf1 a cosmo phone and gdp pocket so not all addapters. just the ones that were  around i actualy have more but in my toyota rv  theres 6ish computers. so  they get used. and its winter! my Scott evest hoody gonna be using prob 3. and i only got 3 v1 out 9 tp links.so couldnt use theni dont even have the one i want. the  


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