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  1. I have an old dell, an alienware dual boot. And a gpd pocket. My fave is the 7 inch pocket. But only the old dells internal wifi adapter works. so theres realy no need for an expensive laptop. The old dell i got on ebay for around 100 works just as well as the alienware
  2. Right on i needed a simple guide so bad. Nut i still have a stupid question.do i put my private ip address or the generic 192. 168. Bla bla
  3. Ok I followed video charged untill solid blue put in arming mode waited untill yellow. Plugged charger in opened terminal. It doesn't show up.
  4. well theres an ubertooth a yardstick1 a hackrf1 a cosmo phone and gdp pocket so not all addapters. just the ones that were around i actualy have more but in my toyota rv theres 6ish computers. so they get used. and its winter! my Scott evest hoody gonna be using prob 3. and i only got 3 v1 out 9 tp links.so couldnt use theni dont even have the one i want. the EYE OF AMUN. go to whitedome
  5. Sorry after 5ish years I got name wrong but google would of pointed you to same place. I thinks it's full name is wugs Nexus toolkit
  6. Do I still need pay buy a web hosting site. Or did I misunderstand and can do yourself. Anyway I just want a pi to leave costintaly on to act as a server. I'm really confused by this. I can't find a specific three to set a pi as a server. C2 cloud on pi for dummy's type thing
  7. Scottevest i can carry it a laptop chargers baterys bla bla in my hoody, and its cut so u cant tell i even have a laptop has 30+ pockets. Some there stuff has more likethe winter coat. Actualy the underwear have pockets
  8. I just found this for pi0w. Its like the old yamagotchi's but u feed it packets that it constintly smiffing. Goggle it
  9. you can get wugs toolkit and get any version released. Or a custum one one xda. Ive found only an otg cable will work on my nexus 5's a y cable wont. No idea why should be opisit. Like my 7's only a y will work
  10. I totaly read this whole thread wrong. weres my sign
  11. I found the twrp backup. I real do recomend nethunter instead. if you cant get the github one working let me know. But not sure how to get to u i have no web host
  12. thats what they do now hes talking of the pwnphone. i actually just dug up. itd no contest nethunter is way better pwn's apps are 5 years old and thats it for software 16 apps that open coresponding cli. nethunter u han have the whole kali repo. oh and a hourse on brown backgroung or dragon on blue. with killer boot img
  13. it was never a flashable rom was a scr. its still on there github page. they put in in the same repository as the pwnpadyopur just gonna nethunter same apps just 5 years older. with png's to open the terminal for each one. https://github.com/pwnieexpress/pwn_pad_sources. ive got a nandriod ill look for
  14. Do I win? Probably 20 more of the 5 buck ones from hak5.and at least one more unopened tplink
  15. im on at least 3 computers plus my phone for nano and nethunter 20ish hours a day so 80? my doctors pretty generous with the adderal. its pretty easy to tell on most my posts lol
  16. ive got a laptop with each. for strictly pentesting kali is the way to go. if you want a more complete os for like the one guy aid they threw the kitchen sink in. it ha sway more non pentesting tools so if u only have one laptop id say parrot. it copyied all kali tools and put in programming and office stuff. since im not a secretary and still have a long way to go programming . i mainly use kali. plus in my opinion they got the best guy working with them now actually re4son' is the only kernel i think ive ever used hes been helping me patch my razor 2 phone for nethunter then i need to update my gpd pocket kernel that he made i watched for almost a year people complain not being able to get alfa AC1200 and awus1900 drivers working his kernel had them the whole time. the parrot guys break almost every other update. and what do u want as wallpaper a parrot or a dragon? ( i put the dragon on parrot anyway. and for a pi kali the clear winner. all just my humble opinion if there is one in there. i ramble on about nothing alot
  17. hack rf think 1-6000 ys1 off top of head 300-1200. 1 kh to 6mh vs 300kh to 1.2mh. get both why not more the more stuff u get more stuff he can make
  18. both need one to receive one to transmit
  19. alfa awus036nha. just my opinion atheros AR9271 is my prefered chipset. open a pineapple
  20. Anything by scottevest. My hoody can hold two laptops and look normal i didnt even know all the pockets but in the sunglass pocket is an atached micro fiber cloth showing all 30 you can fit the tetra atennea out all pockets have wirecpnections.i have vest for summer. Ecen the underwarer they make have pockets. The hoodie is so sweet. You should realy check them out if you want discreet. You could carry all you pentest equip. And look like just a regular hoody. No case or bag. I dont have a jacket but probably hold more. Scottevest,com
  21. https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/nethunter/build-scripts/kali-nethunter-project/wikis/home go down to 3 build scripts to https://gitlab.com/kalilinux/nethunter/build-scripts/kali-nethunter-project/wikis/Building-Nethunter all info gist is build.py [-h] [--device DEVICE] [--kitkat] [--lollipop] [--marshmallow] [--nougat] [--forcedown] [--uninstaller] [--kernel] [--nokernel] [--nosu] [--generic ARCH] [--rootfs SIZE] [--release VERSION] easy as : python build.py -d oneplus1 --lollipop i normmaly add --forcedownload --rootfs full :thats it
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