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  1. Lol yea i guess I could of told him that. But no way could I without laffing to death. But I ask some pretty simple questions when I get the awnser i feel like duh weres my sign
  2. wow yea actualy id get it from there site. they might have it made for your phone you need to change your kernel its a bit more then getting an app. the new store is nice but brand new so nothing you cant already get but people are on the job . check out the forums youll see me alot on there.. i need help everywhere. lol no there i can actually answer. usualy wrong but it happens
  3. its in their name do you ask the plumber if burgerking sells burgers? did you need to compare the oversees half of pure evil. i feel so dirty, id rather be called a rapist
  4. thecsame wayvyou fix every undesired light. a patch of electrical tape. wife drove 2 years not knowing the check engine light was on.
  5. yea got me to but on tetra. beter check nano. now ive got to find my book reflashing firmware should work. hey mod about time to update the pineapple book. while its on the brain
  6. thank you im an uber fan (not the cabs) was on dads lap at the 77 premier was 2 weeks old. been to all jedi the first one i rember. now adays i got an actual lucas rots sith robe. and the less expensive 1k darth reven diamond saber from ultra. while they tell me i cant bring in now. its getting passed from kid to kid hitting there parents. nothing get a manager to cave in then every kids saying let him bring it. the Force works in many ways
  7. on tetra not needed but if yor like me still want what i dont need.since both are short range for both i recomend for pis to just the 5 buck one . at shop hak5 i get afew every order very convenent and less then a Big-Mac. e i lost (so stupid) my bash bunny. a few weeks when can afford and get new one im going to get two more. dont need now but will. i lose them alot. ,and if i see a usB hole i usualy try and get my dongle in it. sorry to easy
  8. i wasnt think about a deauth attack. but yea i used pmkid attack ive not found a client in recon or anywere. thinking now as typingwhy i haven restart it yet. worse case reflash. so not just you
  9. thats the patch i put on. you dont know the power of the dark side. tons for like a buck plus like 4 buck shiping on "wish"
  10. https://sano.shop/en/products/detail/109345?gclid=Cj0KCQiAn4PkBRCDARIsAGHmH3c1tWHbd59LXI8nZyd0MlVmgHTFYIW2cvPuz_hOi838voyDbbYCkFsaAhaIEALw_wcB one more guess
  11. https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m46935763151/?gclsrc=aw.ds&&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=1709941428&utm_content=t0&adgroup=70707275910&network=g&device=m&merchant_id=130862017&product_id=m46935763151&product_id=301541986033&gclid=Cj0KCQiAn4PkBRCDARIsAGHmH3dO2yZdFtPlK97vqqjcaW37yIBKogxdThVUDb44bHGpQepxon3g9GsaAk22EALw_wcB
  12. thats the exact one it takes.the case was designed for it and the nano the anker 5000 slim. it used to be included in the kit. anker is the leading batery pack maker in the world you can definatly get in the uk. have you tryed directly from them. dont they have electronic shops. walmart shiping comes to mind. newegg for sure
  13. never had to but I don't see why you couldnt ssh into it and go [rm -r] on lets hope non required directories
  14. you should ne using an. sd card with the nano don't save to internal on nano. Im gonna assume u know how to erase an sd card. it gives u option to install on sd card
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