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  1. I have an old dell, an alienware dual boot. And a gpd pocket. My fave is the 7 inch pocket. But only the old dells internal wifi adapter works. so theres realy no need for an expensive laptop. The old dell i got on ebay for around 100 works just as well as the alienware
  2. Right on i needed a simple guide so bad. Nut i still have a stupid question.do i put my private ip address or the generic 192. 168. Bla bla
  3. Ok I followed video charged untill solid blue put in arming mode waited untill yellow. Plugged charger in opened terminal. It doesn't show up.
  4. well theres an ubertooth a yardstick1 a hackrf1 a cosmo phone and gdp pocket so not all addapters. just the ones that were around i actualy have more but in my toyota rv theres 6ish computers. so they get used. and its winter! my Scott evest hoody gonna be using prob 3. and i only got 3 v1 out 9 tp links.so couldnt use theni dont even have the one i want. the EYE OF AMUN. go to whitedome
  5. Sorry after 5ish years I got name wrong but google would of pointed you to same place. I thinks it's full name is wugs Nexus toolkit
  6. Do I still need pay buy a web hosting site. Or did I misunderstand and can do yourself. Anyway I just want a pi to leave costintaly on to act as a server. I'm really confused by this. I can't find a specific three to set a pi as a server. C2 cloud on pi for dummy's type thing
  7. Scottevest i can carry it a laptop chargers baterys bla bla in my hoody, and its cut so u cant tell i even have a laptop has 30+ pockets. Some there stuff has more likethe winter coat. Actualy the underwear have pockets
  8. I just found this for pi0w. Its like the old yamagotchi's but u feed it packets that it constintly smiffing. Goggle it
  9. you can get wugs toolkit and get any version released. Or a custum one one xda. Ive found only an otg cable will work on my nexus 5's a y cable wont. No idea why should be opisit. Like my 7's only a y will work
  10. I totaly read this whole thread wrong. weres my sign
  11. I found the twrp backup. I real do recomend nethunter instead. if you cant get the github one working let me know. But not sure how to get to u i have no web host
  12. thats what they do now hes talking of the pwnphone. i actually just dug up. itd no contest nethunter is way better pwn's apps are 5 years old and thats it for software 16 apps that open coresponding cli. nethunter u han have the whole kali repo. oh and a hourse on brown backgroung or dragon on blue. with killer boot img
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