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I Made A Thing


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For no real reason but to learn something new, I built Raspberry Pi tablet with Kali and a couple of RTL-SDR's for radio monitoring. I'm naming this computer, "Seirēn" because I think it's pretty and she's a killer lol.




She's a work in progress being that I need to see how it runs two RTL's, give it touch screen capabilities, give it sound, and paint the thing some dumb color like pink... More to come!


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Added more pics.
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Yah, I used 1in heat-shrink to protect the RTL-SDR's from shorting out on each other.  The SDR's came with a a beefed up aluminum heat sink that was too large to fit inside the project case.  I think I might switch out both the RTL-SDR's with a Yard Stick One and an extra WiFi dongle. I found that running a GUI and both SDR's kinda stretches the limits of what the RPI3 can do.


I glued the touch screen in place to keep it from popping out and I decided not to paint it. I think It looks better with out the paint. I'm going to do some more work this weekend and finish messing with the touch screen settings.

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On 9/18/2016 at 7:36 AM, Skeletnyy Klyuch said:

How about addind a Proxmark3 on the back of your box for 125 Mhz RFID access cards duplication? ;)

Skeletnyy Klyuch

I would but the Proxmark I have hates the Linux and only works with the windows... :/

Not a bad Idea thou.

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On 9/26/2016 at 5:19 AM, CharlieM0ng said:

Thats cool dude. Is it powered By a battery?? If not then maybe see if its feasible to do and could then be taken onto client sites for wifi testing.

Yup, just a simple USB power pack. I added a switch on the + lead for the USB cable so I can turn it on and off. 

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