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  1. Now that's something that'll keep me busy during the holidays. THANK YOU EVERYONE! AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
  2. lol sud0nick! What have you done?
  3. No such files or folders Foxtrot :)
  4. Hey buddy, just wanted to let you know that for some reason your module, won't install from module-manager. I had to clone the repo and add it manually to the Tetra. Cheers! (That issue is only on the Tetra) EDIT: Can't install the dependencies either :(
  5. What I'm trying to say is that do you really think this worth making a module for?
  6. You've said it "it's debatable how useful a module such as this might be"
  7. Finally Thank you Foxtrot!
  8. Can't you use ettercap for that? or wait till they release SSLStrip maybe?
  9. SSLStrip doesn't work anymore due to the implementation of HSTS. that being said. the pineapple can be used for a lot of different cool stuff other than SSLstripping.
  10. Thanks Foxtrot! really appreciate the replay dude!
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