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Fried Pineapple Juice


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Dear Hak5 staff,

Hi my name is Evert from The Netherlands

Some time ago i purchased the

This bundle is perfect for my pentesting needs.

I have never worked with the pineapple before so i took some weeks to know it a little bit better.

After a wile i wanted to test out the Pineapple Juice 7600 but yeah...


I can't change the plug on the battery adapter, but i can on the one of the Wifi Pineapple.
The adapter of the Wifi Pineapple can't charge the 7800 battery.

Now here is the problem,
I bought a power plug for this situation so i can use the adapter that came with the Battery
I left it charging overnight when suddenly i woke up to smell a terrible odor.
I got out to investigate to find out that my battery was smoking, i panicked and pulled out the adapter.

Status report:
Battery charger: works
Ability of the battery to charge: fried
Battery switch: works
Battery on indicator: works
Battery level indicator is always fully on when button is pressed: fried

I am surprised this happened because a power plug converter US -> EU can't be the causer of this.
Maybe it was a faulty adapter or Maybe it was the battery i don't know.

Either way i can't enjoy the mayhem of a battery powered Pineapple :(
I hope someone can help me.

Greeting from The Netherlands
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That power plug thing doesn't look like it actually converts the current, so you're pumping 220V into the charger. Are you sure that white sticker states it can cope with that?

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That shouldn't really happen though... Sounds like a fire / electrocution hazard and potentially cheap Chinese electronics.

If you can be bothered, please crack open the PSU / battery case and post some photos of the PCB so we can try and see the quality and what failed.

Edited by Oli
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I had exactly the same issue with my battery juice a while back.

When i was in the US i tried it once and all was well. When i arrived to South America. (here they use 220v) The battery would hardly charge and all the lights except one would light up. Hakshop took care of my problem and sent me another.

However, From now on, i just charge mine with a 220v to 110v transformer.

I know... the adapter says 100v-220v, however I think it's not very accurate.

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