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  1. Hallo, I am a student from http://www.kw1c.nl/ I told my friend who works at my school as an IT that i can use the WiFi Pineapple to download the Open Wifi login page and use it as an Phishing page. Knowing me as an pen-tester and reporting back to him he liked the idea to let me try it out. I have seen the tutorial from Darren Kitchen but what i want to do is slightly different. Tutorial: Hijacking DNS on the WiFi Pineapple - Pineapple UniversityThat i want to know is how to install the downloaded login page into the WiFi Pineapple SD card and change the links in the downloaded page files to link to the files in the SD card. Greetings from The Netherlands
  2. Can someone convert the current UWUI version to function in the Mark IV? Greetings from the Netherlands
  3. I did not know that, thank you for telling me
  4. Well i did contact Support@hak5.org but nobody answered, so i seek out the awesome forms. I hope i can get a replacement.
  5. Dear Hak5 staff, Hi my name is Evert from The Netherlands Some time ago i purchased the WIFI PINEAPPLE MARK V ULTRA BUNDLE 7800 This bundle is perfect for my pentesting needs. I have never worked with the pineapple before so i took some weeks to know it a little bit better. After a wile i wanted to test out the Pineapple Juice 7600 but yeah... I can't change the plug on the battery adapter, but i can on the one of the Wifi Pineapple. The adapter of the Wifi Pineapple can't charge the 7800 battery. Now here is the problem, I bought a power plug for this situation so i can use the adapter that came with the Battery I left it charging overnight when suddenly i woke up to smell a terrible odor. I got out to investigate to find out that my battery was smoking, i panicked and pulled out the adapter. Status report: Battery charger: works Ability of the battery to charge: fried Battery switch: works Battery on indicator: works Battery level indicator is always fully on when button is pressed: fried I am surprised this happened because a power plug converter US -> EU can't be the causer of this. Maybe it was a faulty adapter or Maybe it was the battery i don't know. Either way i can't enjoy the mayhem of a battery powered Pineapple :( I hope someone can help me. Greeting from The Netherlands Evert
  6. Why can't my Ipad 4 connect to PineAP? Jan 21 14:50:33 Pineapple daemon.info hostapd: wlan0: STA 34:c0:59:49:0c:a9 IEEE 802.11: Station tried to associate with unknown SSID 'Guest' Jan 21 14:50:33 Pineapple daemon.info hostapd: wlan0: STA 34:c0:59:49:0c:a9 IEEE 802.11: authenticated
  7. When i blacklist my own computer and check if it's listed... it's blank :\
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