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I'm encountring difficulties to install an infusion on my PineApple Mark V that running 2.2.0 firmware.

-When i try to install an infusion from the PineApple Bar:Available, it needs to download the infusion on SD card.

Why it can't install 11kb into 88kb free space? screenshot 1

-So i choose to download on SD card.=> screenshot 2

-It says the infusion is on sd card and it's installing in the web interface => screenshot 3

-When i check the PineApple Bar: Installed. => screenshot 4

I think it's a firmware bug. Can I fixe it by any commands? or should i flash my PineApple?

Every Advices are wellcome =) You also can find me on IRC #pineapple

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We don't allow you to use up 100% because that causes issues.

The linker detects infusions on your sdcard, I suggest you reformat it and see if that fixes the issue.

You can do this over the webinterface (resources, USB, reformat sd)

Best regards,


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Hey Sebkinne, thanks for this fast reply !

I already formated the sd card 2 times Resources, USB . Same bug no installation is running after the download. when i go to the Pineapple Bar : Iinstalled, still nothing.

When i reboot the PineApple from Configuration / Advanced, i still have this window that open

Should i Flash ?

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I also noticed that my PinApple doesn't save datas. when i update the time zone it doesn't save.

1) I Select the time zone

2) Time zone changed

3) Nothing saved, it's default time zone

This time zone "bug" has been reported multiple times across the forums. It is not a bug and the time zone does change on your Pineapple. Please look in the top right corner of your web interface and verify the time is correct. The select element simply reverts back to the first item in the options when the page reloads.

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It is not a bug in the sense of “not working as designed” but more a UX problem in as much as it is “not designed as it should work” :rolleyes:

I mean.. it says "Current Timezone: XXXX" and then "New Timezone". If that's too difficult I don't know..

But yes, maybe we should display the current timezone in the dropdown, if it causes so many issues.

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I don't think it is difficult enough to warrant a forum post seeking assistance. I will admit the first time I booted up my Pineapple it confused me for about 2 seconds until I looked up and saw the correct time in the web interface. Maybe changing it will at least prevent future thread creations about the non-issue.

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The time zone isn't the real problem. The problem is why the PineApple doesn't install the infusion after downloading?!

I've flashed the SD card and retried 3 times too.

SSH into it and check /pineapple/components/infusions/ or /sd/infusions/. See if there is anything in there. If you want I can PM you a script to download the latest build of my infusion. It will set everything up in the proper place for you. If you don't see it appear on your web interface then there is definitely a problem.

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SSH into it and check /pineapple/components/infusions/ or /sd/infusions/.

The infuson was on SD card but couldn' t install due a bug that i prolly made myself when i was hurry clicker :D

I only had to follow the unbrick process, Now all is going fine.

Now,the PineApple is running the latest firmware and the Evil Portal is about to OPEN! hahaha.

Thanks for the SSH Discovery. It's good to know, I can imagine how usefull it is.


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