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  1. Hey, I made a payload to disable Avast Free edition 2015 on Win7. I would to enable extended desktop and send Avast there while the ducky is working. I made this but it doesn't work: DELAY_DEFAULT 1000 DELAY 3000 SHIFT GUI P <==========Shortcut to activate the extended desktop RIGHTARROW RIGHTARROW ENTER ESCAPE CONTROL STRING avast ENTER SHIFT GUI RIGHTARROW <==Shortcut to send avast to the extended desktop To resume = SHIFT GUI P works if i do it myslef but doesn't work from he ducky . Anyone has an idea :)? Full payload => here
  2. The infuson was on SD card but couldn' t install due a bug that i prolly made myself when i was hurry clicker :D I only had to follow the unbrick process, Now all is going fine. Now,the PineApple is running the latest firmware and the Evil Portal is about to OPEN! hahaha. Thanks for the SSH Discovery. It's good to know, I can imagine how usefull it is. SOLVED
  3. The time zone isn't the real problem. The problem is why the PineApple doesn't install the infusion after downloading?! I've flashed the SD card and retried 3 times too.
  4. how? Pineapple doesn't ask me if i want to install in internal memory. It just purpose the SD option
  5. I also noticed that my PinApple doesn't save datas. when i update the time zone it doesn't save. 1) I Select the time zone 2) Time zone changed 3) Nothing saved, it's default time zone
  6. Hey Sebkinne, thanks for this fast reply ! I already formated the sd card 2 times Resources, USB . Same bug no installation is running after the download. when i go to the Pineapple Bar : Iinstalled, still nothing. When i reboot the PineApple from Configuration / Advanced, i still have this window that open Should i Flash ?
  7. hey, I'm encountring difficulties to install an infusion on my PineApple Mark V that running 2.2.0 firmware. -When i try to install an infusion from the PineApple Bar:Available, it needs to download the infusion on SD card. Why it can't install 11kb into 88kb free space? screenshot 1 -So i choose to download on SD card.=> screenshot 2 -It says the infusion is on sd card and it's installing in the web interface => screenshot 3 -When i check the PineApple Bar: Installed. => screenshot 4 I think it's a firmware bug. Can I fixe it by any commands? or should i flash my PineApple? Every Advices are wellcome =) You also can find me on IRC #pineapple
  8. "Hello World !" My problem is that i tried "Hello Word!" with succes. So i tried another payload that hasn't worked (i noticed a red light instead a blue) I've retried with a more simple playload and the red light was still there unless the script run I've retried with "Hello World" playload and it does'nt work too. There's still a red light. Can u tell me what's this red lights? What's this bottom ? Why "Hello World !" doesnt work anymore since i ran it at first time.
  9. Yes, i understand now :) sry beeing a frog, i'm trying to transforming to be a duck xD
  10. I have copied the Hello World script and pasted into a file.txt.Then i've putted the .txt on the SD card next to inject.bin file.http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img673/5055/PP2GZl.png
  11. Thanks Mr-Protocol, i've share the connection with intel my wifi
  12. Hey All ! I've just received my USB Rubber Ducky ans i already need help fromthe community support =) I put helloWorld.txt on the SD card => i insert the SD card into the Rubber Ducky => i connect it to my lapotop that running win7(FR). Then i have a message that say Zld111 can't be found => sceenshot Do You have an idea about what's wrong? Help would be apprecied =)
  13. Hello, Nice to be a new member of you community I've ust received my wifi pineapple and i can't use it, I use a free SFR wifi hotspot and it seems i can't share my connection to the wifi pineapple- i did exactly what is writen on the notice 1 share my network, to other users 2on Pineapple network, i select IPV4 and specify and and But internet still don't work on Pineapple network. Can you help me?
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