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  1. Okay, so I have had the WiFi Pineapple nano for about a year now. I am running on google chrome on windows 10. Eventually, when I didn't have enough space left for my modules i put in a 32 Gigabyte SD card and at first it was being recognized when I clicked on a module and it asked how I wanted to install it even though I did not even have it formatted yet. It didn't seem like it was installing anything so I formatted it, and after that it simply just stopped being recognized and now it does not even seem to know I have a SD card inside of it judging by the fact it no longer gives me the option to install to SD card. I took my SD card out, did a reboot of the WiFi Pineapple and tried formatting it again and it still didn't give me the option to install modules to my SD card. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, so I can not get an microSD card to work with the pineapple nano I have tried formatting trough the pineapple to get the exFAT file system, resetting the pineapple, formatting in windows When I try to install a module, I just get the message that I can only install on internal This basically means that my pineapple is a paperweight right now. I have looked at some other forum posts with no luck Now the pineapple can not even format the card, it just says "Formatting SD Card, please wait" for hours
  3. Whats up everyone so Im somewhat new to the Wifi Nano and Command Prompt. So that being said I need help mounting a sd card on the Wifi Nano in Command Prompt or if there is a way to do on the Nano web interface. Any help would be great.
  4. I recently bought a WiFi Pineapple Tetra and started playing with it. I'm having a few issues that I need a bit of guidance in. I set it up. It scans, it's also connected to my LAN via ethernet. It receives the news bulletins and I can ssh into it so I know it's connected. I can update patches and it pulls data from wifi scans, load modules and dependencies. However... The reporting log shows multiple repeats of these two errors: 2019-09-10-19:00: Failed to save to SD card - no SD card found 2019-09-10-19:19: Failed to send email to email@address.com (this isn't the real address) The second error is result of my trying to send a test email to my mail server on same subnet as eth interface. Default route set and DNS reloaded. 1. Keeps claiming it can't write to SD card. Is there an SD card? There's no access to it in the web interface and it's not mounted in /mnt and there doesn't appear to be a dev/sd* device either. FAQs don't show an SD card installed or even optional so I'm a bit confused. 2. May be related to 1 but I can't generate any reports. There are no reports in /root which it claims is the default directory it writes to. 3. Can't email reports. When I configure test, it doesn't seem to work. Can't find log of email in syslog or mail.log and can't find the MTA logs on Tetra. Also neither my firewall or MTA can see the email being received or rejected in their logs. Which interface does it use for mail output? Default route? I have the default route setup on my internal network via ethernet. I can get updates and news from Hak5 on Dashboard and I can SSH into the box so I know I'm connected. Am I just generating reports wrong and that prevents the email from being sent, even with test, or is it trying to write to SD card, or something else? I've tried the email server config with mailserver name and IP using ports 25 and 587. Any push in the right direction would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. I've combed through three years of discussions about the problems encountered dealing with the SD card on the Nano. Countless suggestions to "format and start again." "Reset and start again." "It's fixed in the next firmware update." "It's a known bug." "It's hardware." I've been battling this same issue for a little over a month now. At what point is someone going to actually fix the problem? I would think for a $100 item, there would be some expectation of reliability and enough push from the community to actually resolve the problem instead of continuing to allow it to disrupt a workflow. I spent two hours last night tweaking an Evil Portal and had it working exactly how I wanted it for a project I'm doing next week, only to start the Nano this morning and can't get to it on the SD card. Has anyone found a solution to this that is reliable and doesn't mean I have to rebuild everything every time I reboot the Nano?
  6. I installed an SD Card and saved a module to it. When I look under "Installed Modules" I cannot find at it on the GUI but it is on /sd/portals/evilportals. root@Pineapple:~# cd /sd root@Pineapple:/sd# ls etc lost+found modules tmp root@Pineapple:/sd# cd modules root@Pineapple:/sd/modules# ls EvilPortal root@Pineapple:/sd/modules# cd ~ root@Pineapple:~# ls portals root@Pineapple:~# cd portals root@Pineapple:~/portals# ls root@Pineapple:~/portals#
  7. having a few problems with the wifi pineapple nano. I have set it all up and it seems to be okay with regards to scanning as it is pulling networks back as it should. However there are a couple problems I am encountering which I am loosing the will to live over! 1) I have downloaded the DNSspoof module. I am trying to make it so that I can direct a specific host trying to get to a specific website redirected to a webpage of my choice, or even better a website that I have created (knocked up for educational purposes) however I cannot seem to update any of the details on the module. every time I click save on the landing page, I click out and go back in and its what it was before , which was a <b>hello you</b> just to test if it works. so now I cannot change this, even after saving? it also has trouble running, when I click start it says starting then flips back to start again. if anyone knows why or even a worrkaround that would be great. 2) generic settings are getting saved, I have mounted the sd card, I have ssh into the nano and can see the card there and I can write files to it. however when I save a configuration such as in the pineAP, as soon as I log off or go to another pane it goes back to defaults, i.e nothing checked, I can't find any updated files on SD card. I am wondering if it saves internally for the first time that I configured the system to a point and keeps using that as a start up point for every time I go into it now? again if anyone knows anything surrounding these issues, I'm all ears as I'm pretty lost and ran out of ideas, already been through a factory reset.
  8. How can I force Evil portal to use portals stored on a SD Card? I’m using the nano and can’t see an option to change storage location from internal to /sd/portals/.
  9. Hi, I'm thinking of getting a wifi pineapple and I'm worried about the limited flash memory. Is there a way to use the micro sd as rootfs? In other words, how can I boot off the micro sd card? Thanks!
  10. Hello, Sebkinne! I am a technical beginner from China (my English is not good, so use the translation software, if some statements are not smooth, please forgive me!), My friends help me from abroad to bring back a team your research and development equipment. I would like to ask you about SD cark! I would like to SD cark mounted on the equipment, the system uses SD cark capacity! Hopefully you can tell me how to configure "config 'global'" and "config 'mount'" and "config 'swap'". SD cark has been partitioned into ext4 and swap format. Currently I use the nano1.13 Thanks again Sebkinne to provide us with such a good device!
  11. How to Make USB Rubber Ducky Scripts When Drive Letter is Unknown. Ever wanted to make script that could get a file from the USB Rubber Ducky SD card. If you have you probably have run into the problem that, every time you plug the USB Rubber Ducky into a different computer, it most likely has a different drive letter then the last computer you plugged it into. Which means you would have to go back and change the drive letter in the script. If you are having problems with this then your on the right page! What I am going to hopefully teach you in this page is how to overcoming this problem. Here I have an example of a script that I have wrote that uses the Twin Duck Firmware to change the wallpaper of the computer to a file on my USB Rubber Ducky SD card. ------------------------------------------ DELAY 1000 REM -----------Opens CMD----------- WINDOWS R DELAY 500 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 600 REM -----------Sets Wallpaper to image in the DUCKY SD card----------- STRING reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d E:\target.bmp /f ENTER DELAY 200 REM -----------Refreshing the wallpaper----------- STRING RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ENTER DELAY 100 STRING exit ENTER ------------------------------------------ As you can see in the script, we open up cmd via run and then type in : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d E:\target.bmp /f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The underlined part of the the script is the path of the target.bmp image inside the USB Rubber Ducky's SD card. Now if your drive letter is always changing, your going to run into a problem when you go to execute the command on a different machine that has, lets say, made your USB Rubber Ducky's Path the letter V, your going to run into some problems. To overcome this problem is really, really simple. And is shown here in a altered version of the script ------------------------------------------ DELAY 1000 REM -----------Opens CMD----------- WINDOWS R DELAY 500 STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 600 REM -----------Sets %ducky% to DUCKY drive letter----------- STRING for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set ducky=%d ENTER DELAY 100 REM -----------Sets Wallpaper to image in the DUCKY SD card----------- STRING reg add "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop" /v Wallpaper /t REG_SZ /d %ducky%/target.bmp /f ENTER DELAY 200 REM -----------Refreshing the wallpaper----------- STRING RUNDLL32.EXE user32.dll,UpdatePerUserSystemParameters ENTER DELAY 100 STRING exit ENTER ------------------------------------------ As you can see, when cmd gets opened this script is typed in straight away and is executed: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set ducky=%d ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The first thing that this command does is finds our Storage Device which is named 'DUCKY', which should be the SD card that is plugged into the USB Rubber Ducky. If your device's name is different you can either change the SD card name to 'DUCKY' or you can edit the command. If you want to change the command all you need to do is change 'DUCKY' in the command line to the name of your SD card, in the USB Rubber Ducky. The second thing the command does is make it so when you type in '%ducky% it will automatically make it mean the drive letter of the Ducky SD Card. For Example if I type in %ducky%/target.txt. It will open 'target.txt' in the 'DUCKY' SD Card, because %ducky% equals the drive letter of the SD card. Please note this can only be used in cmd, it will not work in another program like Run or File Explorer. I really hope this helps you guys if you have had this problem. If there is any wrong information in this post please let me know. Cheers, Bingoe33
  12. Hi everyone! Has anyone tried installin BeeF on SD card? Would be great to know opinion, results and to get some tips. thanks!
  13. Hi, i have a computer where the execute command and the cmd is blocked can i use the rubber ducky to execute a exe file or a batch file directly from the sd card when i plug the usb in? If yes, can you please explain me how? Thanks for the help ^^
  14. Hello again everybody. Im sorry for having 2 threads at the same time, but they are about different issues with my ducky; This time, after 2 o 3 days of perfect perfomance of my rubber ducky, it suddenly corrupted my MicroSD card (or it corrupted itself?) The one that cames with the ducky. When I plug the microSD with the adapter it says that it has no format, so I should format it, so I formated. But, afterwards unplugin the microSD, if I plug again, It is unformated again. Ducky just gives red SOLID light with or without card. Is this a known issue? Thanks in advance! My best regards. Pedro.
  15. Hello Pineapple community and thanks for the wonderful tool I got my pineapple and i am pretty new to this, i am trying to do some pen test on my firm network. So i upgraded to the latest firmware, format sd, put eth0 in client mode. all fine until there then i install ALL the infusions, but at some point it gets into a boot loop. i do not understand why. so, 1) can the pineapple support to have ALL the available infusions installed? 2) can it be the sd card formatting? (i am not able to format it via pc, only with the pinapple and the message confirms the succesfull format of the card) 3) can it be some infusions only creating the problem? (it usually occurs after ssl split, wps and notify, but i am not 100% on this) 4) are there some infusions that must be installed only on system rather than sd? thanks in advance for your time kzipp
  16. hey, I'm encountring difficulties to install an infusion on my PineApple Mark V that running 2.2.0 firmware. -When i try to install an infusion from the PineApple Bar:Available, it needs to download the infusion on SD card. Why it can't install 11kb into 88kb free space? screenshot 1 -So i choose to download on SD card.=> screenshot 2 -It says the infusion is on sd card and it's installing in the web interface => screenshot 3 -When i check the PineApple Bar: Installed. => screenshot 4 I think it's a firmware bug. Can I fixe it by any commands? or should i flash my PineApple? Every Advices are wellcome =) You also can find me on IRC #pineapple
  17. Hey guys, I just got a new Wifi Pineapple MKv and the SD card that came with it has no firmware! I went to wifipineapple.com and it doesn't look like the firmware is there, just the upgrades. What should I do?
  18. Hi, I have a problem. I haven't used my pineapple in a while but when i started using it again today, it suddenly doesn't see the SD card anymore. I took it out and put it back in again and i tried factoory reinstalling it. It still doesn't see it. What can i do? btw im new to the pineapple and sorry if my english is wrong(im dutch)
  19. Hi there, I've just received my pineapple and am trying to do the first upgrade using the sd card provided. Having followed the instructions that came with the pineapple, all i get is a solid green light (after the amber and red for a couple of seconds before they go off). I've read the instructions in this thread here https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/32816-sd-card-doesnt-work-on-a-new-device/?hl=%2Bpineapple+%2Bwill+%2Bnot+%2Bupgrade but still no use, the green, amber and red lights come on when i plug the pineapple on, then the amber goes out (after approx 2 seconds) followed by red (after approx seconds), then i'm left with solid green. Is the pineapple knackered? I'll try another sd card but i can't see anything wrong with the one that came when its connected to my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  20. Hello, I have just received my first duckies and started playing around with them and I gotta admit it is pretty fun. I have also found a great interest in the wget + execute function, especially if something can be worked out to do the same for .app on Mac OS X (if someone could help me out with that it'd help, I don't have any mac to help me out find which keys would allow me to remote download + execute). But most importantly, what's bothering me, is the lack of stealthiness of the actions. *** Bob tells his friend he needs a certain doc Adam answers him sure, let me put it on my USB and let me hand it to you. Adam quickly makes a payload (pre-written and probably pre-compiled too) and puts it inside the SD card. Adam tells him hey, here's the file! Bob inserts the rubber duckyB Bob only sees a couple of things popping up by themselves on the screen, but never ends up with the actual file he's looking for. *** This is a payload for social engineering 2.0 that I'm looking for, as, for now, the only ones available can remotely download and execute files, or fuckup the OS it's on, but anyone looking at the screen while the USB key is plugged will still see something fishy going on, especially if nothing happens afterwards. THEREFORE (getting to the point), I'd like to know if a payload exists, or if it is even possible to actually mount the SD card that is inside the emulator so that we get a double-entry, one of an emulator, and the other one of a stoarge unit, that would allow the opening of a new folder that would appear as an external drive to the user, and where we could put whatever .doc or .pdf that is needed to be transfered? Such a method would allow stealth targetted-infection and much less social engineering and "hoping" that someone just picks up a random USB key and plugs it in to see what happens. Also, the success rate would be much bigger, since you'd be standing right by the person inserting it and he would trust you, since after the little payload of wget and execute is loaded, a windows showing up a mounted external drive with the requested files appear (any non-IT guy would then assume that whatever happened beforewards was just to mount the card/storage) It has been brought to me the idea of creating a folder in %temp% and name it USB KEY where we would download the file to afterwards open it, but it still seems fishy in case the internet connection isn't quite good, and simply because of the location of the "drive", and, MOST OF ALL, because there actually IS an SD card that should be available to be mounted somehow. I have read through a lot of forums and guides and yet couldn't find a payload or any hints as to how to make the emulator recognize the SD card it's using as a drive that's browsable and put some files inside that could be used by whoever plugs the key. If anyone could help me out with that, this would bring the ducky's power to a brand new level. Thanks in advance, -pineapple
  21. This morning I tried to purge the sd data from captured pcap data with the rm -r command. When I tried to 'ls' at the root directory it wasn't there anymore. So my question is, were there any important hidden files i should have known about? And I guess I have to make a directory and mount the SD card back, eh?
  22. I am wanting to get a USB Rubber Ducky but unfortunately, i cannot afford it at the moment. I was wondering though, would i be able to get a teensy 2.0, put a SD card reader on it, and put a USB male to male adapter to kind of make my own, cheaper Rubber Ducky? I was searching around on the internet and i came across the Community Edition Encoder and Firmware on the ducky website, and i was wondering if i could put this on the Teensy and make it into a rubber ducky? Or am i misunderstanding what the Community Edition encoder and firmware actually is? If one is able to do this, could you explain how you would do it? Do you put it on the SD Card? What do you do? I am just a little lost when it comes to the whole thing, but I am trying to learn and after a lot of googling, i could not find anything so i figured i'd ask here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  23. Hi I have just purchased a Mark V and whilst awaiting its delivery am preparing for its initial use. Rather then use the supplied SD card I have purchased a 32gig Class 10 Sandisk 1) I have formated the SD card as ext 4 with two partitions - 28 gig and 4 gig When my pineapple arrives should I flash it using the supplied SD card or should I flash the pineapple using the 32 gig card 2) Once flashed should I reformat the SD card so that Pineapple has optimised the partitions with regard to the max swap file dumpster
  24. Got my first rubber ducky in the mail yesterday \o/ however i can seem to remove the sd card out of the board. I tried to push it out by giving it outward pressure with my figernails but i doesn't seem to bodge. I do know there is a paragraph related to this topic in the faq https://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/28824-faq-frequently-asked-questions/ But it would like to ask once again what the best practice is to this problem because i don't want to damage the device. nvm got them out with a pair of tweezers setting the arms on the sides of the card and pull
  25. Hey guys, Just working with sslstrip on my pineapple and just got resource error. Makes sense since the pineapple does not have a whole lot of internal storage. I uninstalled it and then reinstalled on SD card and that seemed to fix it. Just curious if this was the only way of doing it or is there a way of selecting where to store the dump file? Should I reinstall tcpdump on the SD card to avoid running out of room too? Just curious if this is the only way.
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