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How long do replys take?


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I decided to upgrade from the mark IV to the mark V as i thought it was time to treat myself... even got the new hardware thanks to the checkout popup. Then i noticed id sent it to my old university address :( so mailed hak5 last friday to ask if i could change it to either my work or other home address.

The problem is... i still have had no reply :( and when i check the tracking it shows as the university address and still in processing (probbly due to the 2day update time). I just want to know how long customer support take to reply tho, incase they overlooked the email and i should re-send it before they post it haha

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I would try to resend it, but keep in mind that the crew is currently in Las Vegas for Defcon. They've always been quick to respond to my questions so it may have just gotten lost in the shuffle. When I say quick, I mean Sara has gotten back to me within about 2 hours.

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Yeah Same Problem here i ordered also an Mark V

2 days a go Sara asked me for the shipping addres so i replied :smile:

but i got nothing back since then so i guess i have to wait and see.

i hope they reply bicause i really want the Wifi Pineapple :rolleyes:

Do they ship to the Netherlands?

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We are currently at defcon. Take a look at the latest blog post on hakshop.com.

We are incredibly busy here and have to ensure that any Internet connection used for the shop is actually secure.

Normal shop operations continue Monday.

Best regards,


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UPDATE: day 12 pineapple has still not been posted :(

but thanks for the replys everyone. I followed the advice given and still no reply from Hak5 to my emails :(

I decided to post to every email hak5 publicly displays in hope i get a reply... fingers crossed :ph34r:

I got a reply... :D

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Very sorry for the delay. We got your email. We're in catch-up most post-defcon now. It seems the label for your order was printed prior to going to defcon, but the actual package wasn't shipped. That causes the automated email with the tracking number to kick off. This is good because we can cancel the first label and reprint with your updated address. It'll go out this week. We're very sorry for the delay defcon has caused. We're a very small crew -- just the 5 of us + help from our friends for the booth -- so we're grateful for your patience and understanding as we get this machine back to full speed.


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