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  1. i get to the last step and then he failsss
  2. No that doesnt work for me its really strange
  3. Yeah Same Problem here i ordered also an Mark V 2 days a go Sara asked me for the shipping addres so i replied but i got nothing back since then so i guess i have to wait and see. i hope they reply bicause i really want the Wifi Pineapple Do they ship to the Netherlands?
  4. Is there any whay to buy the Wifi Pineapple mark v I live in the netherlands plzz !!!!!!
  5. MMm this is so strange so i tried it 8 times but all payments failed but now paypal says that i bought it 8 times but i got nothing in my email
  6. And when i try it again i get this error: Error from gateway: The customer must return to PayPal to select new funding sources.
  7. This it what is says : Error from gateway: This transaction couldn't be completed. Please redirect your customer to PayPal. WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard WiFi Pineapple Mark V Standard 1x $99.99 9dBi Dipole Antenna with Magnetic Base 9dBi Dipole Antenna with Ma...c Base 1x $14.99 Pineapple Juice 1800 Pineapple Juice 1800 1x $29.99
  8. Hello everyone Today i tried to buy the Wifi Pineapple Mark V So i tried to pay with paypal but it gave me an error. i also tried credit card but that also didnt work. maybe you can help me?
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