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Pineapple slow after a few infusions are added


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I think he means installing all of the infusions. The more that I install, the slower the page takes to load. Like 14.4k slow.

Yes, I am experiencing just this.

Once you start an infusion, it seems like it takes 30 minutes just to move around the pineapple to configure another one, also the wlan0 and wlan1 interfaces do not really play well together.

How do you setup a client interface on wlan0 instead of wlan1?

Also, can you use two infusions on wlan1? Like jammer and occupineapple?

Also, I left my pineapple overnight running both jammer and occupineapple and it seems like the pineapple rebooted or turned off both infusions.

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This is why we are adding a new feature to the upcoming 1.1.0 firmware upgrade:


As you can see, you will be able to minimize individual infusions. The hidden infusions (see bottom of the above picture) will stay hidden persistently until they have been restored. Clicking an infusion in the bottom will restore it to the webinterface.

Stay tuned,


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