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Panarchy banned


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If you see anything that looks remotely like Panarchy trying to signup, PM me. He is banned permantly, no exceptions, no ifs, no buts. That extends to IRC and the Wiki. I don't want that fucker anywhere near here.

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VaKo that's an excellent decision

at first i thought he was just really really really really really really dumb, but now i'm pretty sure that all he's doing is just fucking around with us and to be honest i don't want that shit around here

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Job well done VaKo. I know I've been gone for a while (and I'm sure that NONE of you guys noticed :lol:) but I'm glad to come back and see that you guys are still doing fantastic jobs.

Thank-yous to all of the fierce forum Kitties!

*And in case you were wondering why I havn't been around often lately, let's just say that I have a new, three-letter addiction and no, it's not a drug.

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