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anappaday.com open interview

Darren Kitchen

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Today we're shooting a segment with The Software Jedi as he's known, from www.anappaday.com. If you're not familiar with the project you might want to click the link and find out. Anyway, thought it might be fun to ask the community what you'd like to hear from him. Is there any question in specific you would ask if you were doing the segment?

Of course obvious questions like, "Where did the idea come from for An App A Day, and why?" and "What is the biggest challenge doing an application every day?" and "Where can our viewers find out more information about your applications, or get involved in the development process? (since it'll still be going by the time 2x03 airs)"

Anyway, if ya want to throw in your $0.02 do so within the next 4 hours from this post.

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Do you have a girlfriend? If so do you think that you will still have one at the end of the month? If not, was this to try and impress girls, why didn't you just get some nice clothes and mabey a new car like everyone else... you know, something that would actually work?

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1. How often if ever do you look back at earlier programs? Do they make you cringe?

2. What, do you feel, makes a good coder.

3. What's the main difference between this good coder and a software Jedi?

4. What is your preferred toolset, or are you intimately familiar with multiple and pick the one that best suits the problem at hand?

5. Vi or Emacs? :twisted:

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