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  1. Got this resolved.. managed to force the client to update on its own terms instead of waiting for Exchange to update.
  2. This is a normal Outlook 2010 exchange setup on a Windows 7 workstation.
  3. Howdy! Having an issue - got a client Outlook 2010 workstation that has a connection to an online shared Outlook calendar from another organisation. She has full rights so can see full details on the appointment - however if the user adds an appointment onto the shared calendar of the shared calender user adds an appointment it takes hours sometimes days for the shared calender to sync with the users Outlook client. I have removed cache mode from the users Outlook client and made sure the calenders are part of the Send/Receive group. I have also removed and re-added the shared calendar to no affect. Any ideas on what may be causing this or what to try?
  4. Looking for free/opensource document management software - similar to: Tabbles. Looking for something that could be portable and runs through and tags document (mostly Microsoft Office documents and PDFs) names and contents - possibly would have an index file or something stored with information. This is so i can find certain information quickly without having to look through a multitude of shared folders. Anyone have any recommendations?
  5. Cheers. RDPClip is something I will try. Unfortunately stuck with Remote Assistance as the tool to use. Cheers for your tips.
  6. I work in a Service Desk environment and use Remote Assistance (on Windows XP - both Host & Client) to connect to users computers... however.. the clipboard is not available. Is there anyway I can either enable the Clipboard via Remote Assistance or replace the Remote Assistance utility (used to connect to the client machines) with a version from Windows 7 or Windows 8 that may support this feature? I realize this might be a long shot but worth trying for! PS I know using Remote Desktop I can check to enable Clipboard but the Remote Assistance is the Go-To tool for my employers remote help.
  7. Cheers. Will look, don't think it does however. The funny thing it sounds file during "playback" but the actual recordings are not great, I have read that this is sometimes caused by Volume level being too high when recording but this hasn't fixed the issue either. I will check the VCR when I get home. Cheers for your assistance, if you think of anything else don't hesitate to share!
  8. 5mm Mini-Stereo Male to Two RCA Male Speaker Cable
  9. Afternoon Currently I am setting up a computer for converting VHS to DVD. I am running an ASUS My Cinema P7131 Dual TV-Tuner on a dedicated Windows XP machine. I have the audio cables (white/red composite) connected to the Line-In of my Onboard Realtek audio port and the video cable (yellow) connected to my TV-Tuner from a VHS Player. I can watch the VHS record and listen to it (via a 3.5mm Audio cable running to speakers on the PC) and it is all fine, however when I record the audio is very fuzzy. I am currently trying Cyberlink Power Director and have previously used NCH Golden Video VHS to DVD converter and had identical problems, do you guys have any idea on what I can do to rectify this problem hoping to offer it as service to the local community.
  10. Moaning! I have a little project I am working on that requires an RSS Aggregator script that grabs the latest RSS feeds (including images from multiple sources) and generates posts on the website that link directly back to the original article, so I can display posts from multiple sources directly on the same page/categories and link back to the site and have the feeds update (say every 2 hours). At the moment I am playing around with FeedWordpress which does the job but it doesn’t allow me to link back to the article properly when viewing in categories and seems to grab all the feeds, not just the most recent. Do you guys have any ideas or other applications I can use? Cheers
  11. Looking for more of a system then that, more.. eventful but might look into that
  12. Howdy, what I am after is open source event software that is web-based, allow others to signup and create new Events and subscribe to them, have a calendar that displays the dates of the event(s) and information about the event, including map and list of people who will be attending etc. Does anyone know of any way of doing this?
  13. Xbox 360 Wifi Controller, to connect to normal Wifi Adapter? Is it possible? Friend of mine brought a Plug & Play USB Kit thinking it would allow him to use his Wifi Xbox 360 Controller on the PC, turns out it doesn't, but you can get a special wifi adapter that will allow him to connect it to his PC. Was wondering if there were some hacked drivers or software, that allowed him to use his Wifi adapter that he has in place of the Microsoft Adapter to connect to the wireless xbox 260 controller? Cheers
  14. Awesome will check it out, a Greyhole (http://www.greyhole.net/) for Windows would be nice! Might have to save for a Drobo. Cheers!
  15. Hello fellow Hakizonians! I am after a way of having data span across several HDDs, but either, only appear to Windows as 1 drive or allow all the data to be accessed like it was one folder/drive similar to what LVM and raid can do, but on a Windows desktop level. I have currently x2 3.5TB drives and a 1.5TB drive and all my data is spread across them unequally, it would be great to be able to access and share the data (say over a network) as if it was one drive or folder, without having to go into either a Linux distro/Windows server distro or raid. Similar to what the Drobos do but within Windows, but would also mean if the drive failed not all the data was lost and possibly with a txt document of the files or file clusters that have been lost and need to be replaced and yes I know you can get 3 TB drives now =D Cheers
  16. I don't live in the States, hence can't buy anything from them, but my understanding is that they are probably the most mainstream PC component online store in the states, might be best to check out their warranty, and return to store policies.
  17. Well some of the reviews of the WUSB600N aren't that great, with cutting out the Wifi connection, and terrible connections, well according to the few on Newegg anyway. Was still considering the D-Link DWA-160, due to the fact its N, and supports the 5ghz band, that the iPad does as well.
  18. It's between that the Linksys WUSB600N USB Adapter & and the D-Link DWA-160 atm, just gonna check out some reviews.
  19. Would be after something a bit USB based, due to the fact of no ports available in PC. Thanks Mr-Protocol, will check out the Linksys stuff. Awesome, thanks Infiltrator for your suggestions. /me hands Mr-Protocol another drink and marches into the google
  20. The iPad has a special Youtube app, I would assume its designed to be viewed through that, either that or they are changing to HTML Video slowly.
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