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Hak5 Set Webcam. Shooting today

Darren Kitchen

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We're shooting today and thought it might be fun to beta test the hakcam. It's currently pointed at the set and if things go smoothly we'll make it a permanent fixture.

Right now it's a laptop and logitech orbital webcam running xp and dorgem, with a refresh of 5 SPF and a page with a meta refresh of 5 secs. If you've got suggestions for better solutions post em here.

Anyway, the webcam can be found here:


Or, hehehe, looky looky:


Gotta love that trick

Feedback would be great.

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It'll go on throughout the day. thats the best I can give ya. we've got a guest coming on for a segment at 1:00 PM Eastern. Not sure if you know how we shoot but it's a pretty loose process.

Oh, and there's nobody on the cam because my butt hasnt left my desk. Speaking of which, that set looks horrid. I should clean up before the guest arrives.

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18.24 KB (approximently) per picture, every five seconds for a minute would equal 218.88 KB a minute/13,132.8 MB an hour, per person.

Assuming that about 10 people have the feed open, that's 131,328 MB an hour. And let's say we all watched/kept open the feed for four hours, we're looking at 656,640 MB total. Not too bad when considering the increadibly fast connection they pay for.

And I have no idea why I just computed all of that. Maybe it's because I'm doing my statistics homework at the moment. I need a life/girlfriend/something.

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Is that clock in the background broken? Because I've checked in twice now, hours apart, and it's said 5:55 both times, I think, and I havn't been able to catch anyone on the camera yet. Or am I just getting the same frame refreshed over and over?

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